Happy Christmas 2011

From my home to yours......
I woke up early this morning, couldn't sleep for some reason.   Probably the excitement of Christmas Day and what it holds.  Lots of thoughts running through my head as I contemplated the last week and the week ahead. 
 I decided to write down some of those thoughts that were going through my mind and wanted to share them with you!
 Ruthie's Christmas Thoughts for 2011

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Snow Day and some contemplation

It is a beautiful winter day here in Texas.  Our first snow is falling for this year and we are having a great family day just hanging out by a roaring fire and enjoying each other! 
Photo by Isabel Owens
It's a cold chili day like today that I love so much because everyone here in Texas STOPS what they are doing.  It seems we all freak out whenever we get any kind of wintry mix weather.  The minute anyone sees a touch of snow or ice, the streets become empty and the only thing you see are kids exploring the outdoors to see if "maybe" there is a chance at getting a slide down a hill on a cookie sheet.  You should have heard the shrieks of excitement from my kids the minute one little flake fell to the ground (such fun for a mom to hear).

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This kind of weather makes everyone STOP and ENJOY and I love those moments.  I am trying to notice and enjoy more of those moments this year.  I'm making it a point to stop and take in the details of everyday exchanges.  I feel I miss too many of those times with my friends and family because I'm too busy trying to do my next project or check things off my "to do" list. 

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Today, I've been catching up on my reading.  A pile of great magazines is sitting beside me and I'm slowly catching up on some of my favorite blogs too.  I'm focusing on each page and loving every minute of it!  Listening to the kids interact as they enjoy being home is a beautiful thing and I definitely don't take it for granted. 

I'm feeling thankful that this beautiful snow has brought some rest and a bit of contemplation to this home today!  The dog even got a warm bath and is snuggled up in her bed.

Photo by Planteware.com 2010
Here is hoping that it will snow more tonight so we can have more of this wonderful time tomorrow!   If it snows enough to make a snow angel, I'm going out there to make one!

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable. Sydney Harris


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Double or triple your wreaths.

Is it too late to add to my Christmas decorating?
I found this chandelier wreath and so wish I had time to make it this year!!!  I would put it above my sink in my kitchen (where I spend the most time).  Of course using fresh evergreen is what would make it so wonderful and fragrant.  I might skip the bows and replace them with white or red fluffy feathers for my taste.
I wonder how they froze the ice in these glass cylinders?  Is it crushed ice?  Whatever it is, it's lovely with the layers of holly and berries.  Registered in my head for my Christmas brunch next year.
Aren't these red wreaths simply beautiful on this staircase?  I like a less fussy look.  Keeps it clean and less cluttered.
This triple wreath idea for the front door is so inviting!
I think it is too late to add decorations now because it means I have to take more down later and I don't need one more thing on my "to do" list. 
I'll put these ideas in my 2011Christmas file.
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An entertaining book for your Christmas list

I know I just wrote a blog entry but I heard about this wonderful book today and have just ordered it!  I thought I'd pass the details on to you. 
"Simple, Cheap & Chic Entertaining, When You're Tired, Busy and on a Budget"
 Rhonda N. Grote.
  Order here from Amazon.com for your friends on your Christmas list.
This caption caught my eye right away....
The book that challenges politically correct party planning & hospitality, so that you can entertain more often.
Rhonda  is a woman after my own heart.   This is what she says about her book: "It encourages and inspires people to truly entertain their guests and have others over more often. Sharing your life with others is a gift for your guests...and for you." 
I'm all over that!  We have become a society where we are too busy to spend time with people all year round.  We shouldn't JUST be spending time with family and friends during the holiday season?? 
Woman's Day Magazine
You've heard me talk about that before on the blog and you know that this is my passion and one of the reasons that I started DecRenew Interiors and this blog.  I wanted families to gather in their homes and enjoy their space TOGETHER.  It doesn't have to be over the top expensive.  It can be beautiful, comfy, functional and within your budget.  This topic gets me so excited!
Visit Rhonda's blog too (Really Relish) .  Great ideas and fun for entertaining in your home.

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Jeweled Christmas Tree

We went away for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time in East Texas with our family. 
We did some shopping in Jefferson and I visited all their wonderful antique shops.  I found this authentic, unique and creative work of art hanging in one of the shops and I was immediately drawn to it.
Old vintage beads, earings, broaches, pins, rings, buckles, charms, etc. all mounted on black velvet and then shaped into a beautiful Christmas tree.  Brilliant!  Can you imagine the thought, detail, patience and time that went into placing each piece.
Isn't it stunning? 
Now this is what I call a treasure! Can you imagine having something like this?  Especially if all of the jewels were collected from your family over generations!
Here are a few that I found online that might inspire you to make your own!
Found on ebay
Of course, the above jewels are not vintage but you get the idea.  This would be a great project for teenage girls.
Click here to see more details about this item.
Click here to see more details
Have a great week!
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