What paint and some styling can do to improve your home!

I love it when a client calls and says "we need some updating to our home and we need your help guiding us through the decision making process so we don't make mistakes"

Yes, that's me!  They hired me to assist with remodeling their home within the budget they had set aside.  I helped them prioritize what was important to do right now and what could wait.

I thought I'd show you how it all turned out. Let's start with the stairs.



To update the stairscase, on a budget, we decided to paint the spindals white and we stained the banister a rich espresso.  It transformed it instantly and made their entry so stylish and inviting.

We added a beautiful patterned carpet and that made the staircase the star of the show when you walk in the front door.

Next up is the kitchen which needed a facelift for sure.


We didn't have the budget to do the floors and we figured they can do that at a different time.


The client really wanted new countertops so that was our priority.  We selected a neutral countertop and extended the countertop on the island to give her more prepping room.

 We added a gray subway tile backsplash and removed the overhead lighting and added recessed lighting.  I just love the mercury glass pendants we chose for above the island, it coordinates beautifully with the new flush mount fixture above the sink.

We painted behind some of the open shelving and staged it with some of the items she already had.

Next was the family room.



We painted this entire room to lighten it up and added new carpet. We took down the drapes (they were too short), hung new artwork and added lamps for a touch of color. The client wanted a fresh, clean look so that's what we did for her.

The couch had too many "matchy" pillows.

Ruthie Tip: When you purchase a couch that comes with all the matching pillows, that really cheapens the look.  By taking some of the matching pillows out and adding a few throw pillows to break it up, it gives it an instant makeover and looks more collected, rather than cookie cutter matching set.

Next up was the fireplace.


This fireplace brick was really pink and wasn't modern enough for the client.  We decided to paint it a gorgeous gray to give it a makeover. It worked and turned out beautiful.


We took out the ugly fan and added a stunning chandelier that makes this fireplace come alive.  Paint covers a multitide of sins!  The mantel itself was a little small so we added corbels underneath the mantel and that made it look more to scale.

I absolutely love this kind of transformation.  The client wanted their home updated so they could enjoy it more.  It doesn't always mean you have to gut the entire place. What I love about my job is that I get to give home owners ideas that can update their homes without breaking the bank.

Of course, I have clients that want to gut the entire house and transform it all because they do have the budget to do so and that is awesome!  However, I also love to see families update their homes conservatively too.  Some people choose to do nothing because they can't afford it. Don't do nothing, any home can be turned into something wonderful with some good ideas and creativity.

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Tips for Thrift Store Finds with DwellbyCheryl.com

All of you know that one of my favorite things to do is thrift store shop.  There are always hidden treasures that I am passionate about finding.  I so love the hunt and get all excited when I find something fabulous that I can transform, polish, renew, paint or reupholster for a client or for my own home.

When I was in Atlanta a couple weeks ago at the Design Blogger's Conference, I hooked up with Cheryl from Dwell By Cheryl.  We met last year and were instantly friends.
 We have the same philosophy on life and design and I feel as if I've known her for a lifetime. 

She also loves to decorate on a budget and is passionate about providing just that to her clients.

Doesn't she do an amazing job?

 During the conference, we were both so fired up about our passions, we decided to do a couple videos in our hotel room, giving tips for our readers. She is just like me in that she has no hesitation about sharing her passion and design tips.

 This past week, Cheryl posted the video I did with Decorating tips for spring.  You can see the video by going to her website DwellbyCheryl.com

 There is an art to finding the right things when shopping.  It takes time and talent!
Here are Cheryl's top thrift store shopping tips!
 Thank you Cheryl!

  You will be hearing more from her that's for sure!

Have a great weekend!

Decorator & Client Relationship

I promised I would post before and after photos of the house I recently finished.  Their entire home was remodeled and updated.  Anytime you are doing a remodel it is a huge interruption to every day life for the client.  These clients truly got to experience organized chaos as we invaded their home!  The great thing about it was that we completed the entire project in 8 weeks which I thought was amazing for all that we accomplished.
Fortunately, I have an amazing crew that always comes through for me.  Everything from the floors to the painting to the granite, turned out beautifully.  There are always bumps in the road when you are doing a remodel but what I appreciate with my team is that we work together so well and we are all committed to making the client happy.  They very rarely say "no that can't be done" and are always willing to find a solution to problems that we encounter along the way.
Entire home remodels are incredibly stressful and it's a long process.  The client and I see each other almost daily and it's crucial to me that we build a strong relationship during that time period.  It is so important that the client and decorator have a great relationship. I take my job seriously when it comes to this relationship so there is honesty, compassion, reliability, trust, encouragement and most of all fun in the midst of complete demolition at times.  I find it an incredible honor when they say
 "I trust you"
I'm  blessed to develop these kind of relationships with all my clients. 
 They were incredibly generous and wrote a beautiful review on Houzz.com
"Ruthie Staalsen made my dreams come true. I can easily give her my highest recommendation. She took our outdated home and made it pop! It is now stunning, classy and elegant. We couldn't be happier. We did a complete home remodel, update and renew. It seemed like an overwhelming task for me to tackle on my own, so I hired Ruthie. She had remodeled my friends home, which I loved, so I had complete confidence in her abilities and taste.
From my first meeting with Ruthie, I knew this was going to be fun and exciting. The minute she walked in my house she started sharing her wonderful ideas and tips to make my house more current. She is extremely confident in her choices which made me feel confident. I knew I had found a treasure! She is professional, experienced and respectful to all. She kept the project on schedule and solved all problems with a positive attitude.
The most fun was the install day when Ruthie really works her magic! We came home to color and beauty. Lots of new items to enjoy and old items in new places. So fresh and inviting. Thank you Ruthie! You truly are the best!"
Thank you Mark and Linda for allowing us to invade your home so we could transform it! 

Who wouldn't sleep tight in this master bed?  I created this headboard because I wanted it to be higher than usual.  Many times I see headboards hung too low.  By the time you get the euro shams on the bed with a few pillows, the beautiful headboard is covered up.  We hung this one on the wall so it has a grander appearance!  Perfect for sitting in bed to lean against while you read or drink your morning coffee.


Newly painted beams and hardwood floors makes this room incredible now.
New black leathered counter tops were added to their bar area.  The leathered granite is honed down so it's not shiny and has a wavy feel to it.  I really LOVE it!
Looks beautiful doesn't it?  It is now a conversational piece in the room.

I never skimp on lighting!  It is the jewelry in every kitchen.  We always include dimmers so the light can be adjusted as needed.  I love being able to adjust the light to the mood I feel, especially when entertaining.
We gave the bar area a little more curve and that really made the space look fantastic.
I don't have before pictures of the dining room :( so you will have to just see the after :(!
We added new drapes, rug, parson chairs and put new hardware on the china cabinet. 
Of course the new accessories make this room sparkle.
Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Thanks to Marquette Bellinghausen with Simple Treasures Photography my incredibly talented friend, that always come through for me with her gorgeous photography.  You rock girlfriend and thanks for photographing my little topiary trees as they were (even though it bugged you that they weren't both upright).  I love the artistic twist this image has.
Today is an exciting day because I pick up my youngest daughter from the airport after being gone for 10.  She was on a missions trip to Czech Republic.  While she was there she became ill and had to be hospitalized.  I'm incredibly grateful to all those that cared for her and can't wait to hug all their necks at the airport today.
You can see a quick video of their trip here created by one of the students that went on the trip! 
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Repurposed and Renewed

I've been so busy this week during the evenings preparing the decor for a Woman's Retreat for our church.  The theme is "all things new" so you know I'm having so much fun with that! 
I'll be posting pictures of before and afters once the Retreat is over :)  Don't want to spoil the surprise for all the ladies attending. Above are just a few sneak peeks into some of the items I'm re- purposing.
I'll be giving this sconce away at the Retreat to some lucky winner.  It use to be white!
I've been stopping in at every thrift store in the metroplex in between appointments. 
My car looks like this every day!
and my garage looks like this!  These are all BEFORES
I've had some wonderful volunteers who have been spray painting like crazy! 
Here's a sneak peek into one of the finished things! 
On another note, I've been working on my "ONE by ONE" furniture that is being repainted and reupholstered (not by me).  I hope to have them ready soon!
Here are a few items in their BEFORE state.
Have a fabulous weekend and hope you get RENEWED for the week! 
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