Two Lion Master Bedroom Makeover

We recently finished a two day install for a client.  We decorated their dining room, kitchen, family room, entry, library and master bedroom.

We broke it up into 2 days and worked so very hard!  Over a 3 month period, I had things repurposed, reupholstered, repainted, reworked, etc.   We used the homeowners furniture mixed with old and new items.  I incorporated thrift store finds, high end custom furniture, lower end and high end accessories, custom artwork, kids artwork, antiques and many meaningful treasures the client already had.  This home now feels very "collected, not decorated" and that is my trademark. All these things mixed together makes for a FABOULOUS end result!

decrenew interiors 30

I had the second day of the professionally shot by an EXTREMLY TALENTED videographer who is putting together a video of the entire day so stay tuned.  The reveal with the clients is AWESOME!

I call this the Two Lion Home because there are two great big lion statues that greet you at the door!


In the meantime, I thought you might like to see some before and after shots of the master bedroom.

I absolutely LOVED this cove in the master bedroom when I first saw it.   When I walked into the room, I immediately thought that this could be a great feature wall.  My wheels where turning all night after that consultation.  It seems I do most of my creative thinking when I should be sleeping, Urggggg

I finally came up with this idea below and it turned out beautiful!  I could not have done it without my fabulous workroom!


DecRenew Interiors Before


New light fixture, draperies, headboard, bedding, side tables, lamps, accessories, artwork and sitting area.

Photography by T. Lamar Photography


DecRenew Interiors Master II

DecRenew Interiors Master After

This room is filled with light that a camera cannot capture.  It is so beautiful.

I found the side tables and didn't like the knobs that they came with.  We installed new knobs from and it instantly transformed them.

decrenew interiors 13

You can see the pattern of the fabric on the headboard, isn't it spectacular?

side table

The bed skirt and the draperies were custom made.

decrenew interiors 12

DecRenew Interiors 11

I found this bust and it was an ugly white and needed a makeover. Logan, one of the teenagers that is helping us, spray painted it for me and it looks perfect on the bedside table.

The client had these chairs below.  We had them reupholstered in a soft velvet.  We found some artwork done by their kids and hung them above the chairs.




decrenew interiors 37

So personal and PERFECT for a master bedroom.  The colors were perfect too!

decrenew interiors 14


I found two of these chairs at a resale store.   Really comfy, great shape and fun curves but outdated.  We reupholstered without the fringe and added swivels to them for good TV watching. Perfect now.


DecRenew Interiors Master Final

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  I'd love to hear what you think!

I'll be posting more about this home later on.

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Have a beautiful weekend in your HOME!


Fresh and classy family room

Decrenew interiors 30

A few weeks ago we finished a family room for a new client.  The room was pretty empty when we started.  The client wanted to clear the room and start fresh with everything new.  They requested a space that felt fresh and classic with a bit of a modern twist.

decrenew interiors 6

As most of you know, I LOVE to repurpose furniture.  I have always done that for my own home as well as for clients. This passion started from the day I first started this business.

decrenew interiors 41

I found this couch at a local  resale store.  It had great lines and was very comfortable.  I knew I could transform it into something fantastic. I didn't like the rolled arms (too traditional for this client) so I had my amazing upholsterer redo them for me in a more modern style.  We also took the skirt off and added nice tapered walnut legs.

decrenew interiors 40

Looks fab now!

Re-upholstery may not necessarily be cheaper than purchasing a new couch.  However, you can definitely custom design it to your liking. I prefer to do this because I can use my creativity to make it into something more personal for my client.  It definitely gives it a higher end look and makes the entire room feel more pulled together and detailed.


I did the same with these two recliners.  I wanted recliners because this room is primarily the room that this family watches TV in.  They requested chairs where they could relax and put their feet up to watch their favorite shows.  We were really limited for space so recliners were my best option, eliminating the need for ottomans.  Reupholstered in a fabulous gray velvet with cream piping to match the couch and new legs ended up being a successful redo.  The chevron metallic pillows really added a pop of something fun.  These chairs were hot pink when we started LOL

decrenew interiors 37

I also found these fabulous antique rattan barrel chairs.  Loved their lines and needed two accent chairs to add to the room that weren't too big.

decrenew interiors 33

Painted black with new seat fabric and nail heads makes them feel handsome and sharp.  Gives it a "collected" look. Love old and new!


The rug was purchased first and was my inspiration in the room. The soft vintage color palette is so pleasing to your eye when you first set eyes on it.



The large stone coffee table and the petrified wood side table pull everything together beautifully.


Accessorizing with old, new and natural elements add a sophisticated, collected feel to the room.  I filled a small wood slice to a glass terrarium and added green moss to an antique silver urn.

The silver hashtag adds a touch of whimsy to this eclectic mix. My favorite was the lucite tray that I grouped with the glass balls and a family photo.   The metallic chevron pillows on the wingback chairs coordinate beautifully with the mirrored glass box on the coffee table.


decrenew interiors 6

New hardware was added to the cabinets too.  I did mix them up a bit. The large cabinet doors got the fun arrow hardware (painted to my liking of course)the small cabinets got the square pearl hardware.

decrenew interiors 10

decrenew interiors 38

Added some old books with bright colors and some shelf adjustments with artwork, pottery and assorted accessories. A few family photos are also a must on bookshelves.


decrenew interiors 44


decrenew interiors 36

The two floor lamps were gorgeous when I purchased them but I didn't like the shiny gold finish they had.  We toned them down to our liking and added new shades.  The new drum shade chandelier with crystals sparkles.


I also decided to do two sided pillows on the couch.

I'm a woman that likes change so my client can now change the room up a bit when they want to.


decrenew interiors 42


decrenew interiors 8

The drapes soften the space without taking away from the beautiful backyard. I'm not a fan of draperies that cover up the light and view in a room.


We also took the fan out (the client never used it) and we hung a gorgeous drum shade chandelier with crystals.

decrenew interiors 34

I believe rooms should have a touch of feminine and a touch of masculine to them.


I always try to keep it simple --nothing too froufrou or trendy. When you mix it up, it's more interesting and fun.


The room feels tailored but all the textures give it a cozy warmth.

When you hire a decorator, we think about ALL the details. Some people furnish their entire home and then never finish it out with the detail.  As you can see from the AFTER photo's above, the details MATTER!

This home was a super exciting reveal, that's for sure!!!

You can watch our video of the before and after below or by clicking here.

Turquoise and Gray Piano Room

decrenew interiors 8

We just finished up this wonderful piano room for a client.

decrenew interiors 29

 To start, we added wood floors and painted the entire space.  The fireplace got a makeover as well.  The client had the two club chairs but we totally transformed them into something more modern by squaring the arms and taking off the skirts.

decrenew interiors 27

decrenew interiors 22

decrenew interiors 20

 The fireplace tile turned out so beautifully!  The artwork was done by a local artist Mary Howe.  We had a consultation together with the fabrics and decided what we thought would look best in the room.  I really love what she created!

decrenew interiors 16

I got so excited about these cute glasses boxes that I found to place fun treasures in. The pillows also really made the room come together combined with the fabulous rug that goes so beautifully with the fireplace.

decrenew interiors 19

This lucite and silver table is AMAZING!  The velvet turquoise fabric is super soft and the pattern is so eye catching.

decrenew interiors 6

The chairs looks so sharp with their new animal print pillow and contrasting piping.

decrenew interiors 14

The client had the console table so we incorporated it into the design.  Because it has a black marble top, it can work for a more transitional style.  We just added accessories that made it look sharper, added an ottoman underneath it to complete the layered look.

decrenew interiors 40

I absolutely love the ottoman with the rug!

decrenew interiors 1

decrenew interiors 12

decrenew interiors 6

We completed her entry as well with this lovely grouping.

Didn't want it to be too cluttered so this is perfect!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

I'll post pictures of the other living room we completed that same day next week!

Stay tuned!

Colorful Ranch Style Home

First I want to start by saying that I'm incredibly sad that I haven't had time to post anything lately.  We have been so extremely busy with so many projects that time has gotten away from me.  I do apologize.

decrenew interiors 2


 I just completed a project for a client last week that we really enjoyed!  My client decided that they didn't want to be in their home while all the renovations were taking place.  They moved out for a month and rented a home for that duration.  I'd say they are smart clients!



decrenew interiors 23

We remodeled both of their bathrooms, replaced the flooring, and painted every square inch of the space, including those beams.  Our goal was to make their home feel more modern by using fresh updated colors  along with bold colors which my client absolutely loves.

decrenew interiors 7

This painting was created by a local artist with all the colors my client wanted to incorporate in her newly decorated home.

decrenew interiors 6

We found this rug that was exactly the colors the client and I had in mind for the living room.  My client found the leather couch herself and we had 2 custom chairs made to go along with it.  She also had the painting and really wanted us to incorporate it into the space.  We purposely placed some other "Texas" items throughout the home at her request and it really added a fun flair.

decrenew interiors 9

decrenew interiors 11

I'm in love with this rug.

decrenew interiors 3

My workroom made this fabulous coffee table.  I showed them a picture of what I wanted and they got to work and created this lovely piece.  It adds that rustic flair that makes every room have a relaxed feel to it.   The mantel was also redone and painted.  Don't you love the painted brick?  It really makes the room feel more modern and sophisticated.

decrenew interiors 8

I did some antique shopping and found some fun treasures to place along with the new accessories.

decrenew interiors 4

The eclectic mix of pillows really brought the room together.

decrenew interiors 15

This amazing pillow was imported from Turkey.  It's incredibly soft and the design is so amazing with the touches of blue in the rug.  Don't you just love the curves of the chairs?

decrenew interiors 19

We added a little reading corner.  We moved her antique desk from one of the other rooms and placed a round mirror above it.  Her vintage clock was moved from the mantel to the desk and they make a great pair. This nubby pouf from India serves as a great foot stool.

decrenew interiors 23

On the opposite wall, we did the same thing with a buffet the client already had.  The desk and the buffet look great together on each side of the doorway.  You can see the newly painted beams in this picture.  We added recessed lighting to the room as well and that made it extremely light and bright.

decrenew interiors 1

These blown glass lamps are stunning and are yet another wonderful texture in the space. The client had the lion statue that I incorporated into the vignette. The glass twisty balls add a touch of whimsy.

decrenew interiors 24

The bathrooms turned out beautifully too.  We replace the bathtub, tile, countertops and fixtures.  Painted the cabinets, added hardware and then changed out the old  hardware for brand new fabulous ones.

decrenew interiors 21


Hardware is the jewelry in a bathroom.  It's also a really great way to do a quick update even if you don't repaint.

The office got a makover as well.  We used all the furniture they had, added a rug and created a gallery wall for them, using the artwork she had created herself.


Here are a few before and after shots of the space.


New drapes, new pillows and a few accessories really finished this room off.


before and after 3 - Copy before and after 4 before and after 5 - Copy

before and after 6

Hope your year has started off well.  I'm working on a great home right now and it is going to be about a 3 month project.  We are just now starting with the demo and will be renovating the entire home from top to bottom.  We will end with decorating the entire home with everything from a washer and dryer to knives and forks.

nivens kitchen

We have a photo shoot this week for this fabulous kitchen renovation above.  Stay tuned for those shots, it is one of my favorite kitchens yet.

South Africa and High Tea Surprise


Family truly makes your heart full!

I just returned from South Africa where we surprised my Aunt for her 70th Birthday!

10404345_738696462887179_1081009409082598394_n - Copy

I was born and raised in South Africa so it was so much fun to be back visiting again.  My mom and I went together and we showed up at my aunt's family birthday lunch with 70 roses.   They hid us in the kitchen and we walked up behind her sitting at the table.   The expression on her face below explains how surprised she was!  The three sisters were so happy to be reunited and I had such a great time with my 6 cousins and their families.

10394605_10153052192478243_2380799253512275304_n - Copy

Her kids planned a High Tea for their mom to celebrate.  I arrived just in time to help with all the decorating and setup.  My cousins did so much preparation ahead of time.

10363958_10205427546072404_2952402081314329059_n - Copy

We were able to use my grandmother's china which would have made her so proud.


 Her "Royal Albert" pattern is so lovely!


10349881_10205427546472414_9150734491413430409_n - Copy (2) 10653331_10205427546272409_7757104192279251495_n - Copy




Of course with hot tea, we needed water to drink.  I loved the color the fruit added to the water.  It was summer there so it was pretty warm!  The strawberry, lemon and cucumber water was a huge hit.

There was so much excitement in the air and loads of goodies to eat.

10408545_10205427546792422_6004856760209162014_n - Copy

The guests were asked to wear their  Sunday best and a hat or fascinator.  It was a huge success and we had gorgeous sunny weather!

10484779_10153056485138243_7908262666733583059_n - Copy

The rest of the week was spent hanging with my cousins and aunts and uncles.   The picture above is me with my wonderful mom.


The girl cousins above.


and all my boy cousins!

They took me to animal parks and we had long leisurely lunches and diners together.

1780765_10205454692671052_5311354778818920123_n - Copy - Copy

One of the days we ate at a resort and the zebra's came right up to where we were eating and starting drinking from the pool (salt water).

1526766_10205437636884668_491951621233272864_n - Copy - Copy

Crazy huh? The giraffes were also roaming about and are such gorgeous animals.

They are fascinating to watch.

10429824_10205438240619761_7226752796161964733_n - Copy

I even got to play with the baby lions!


It was kinda scary!  Their teeth are so strong!


You can see here, I was a bit frightened.


They are so adorable!

It was a quick trip but totally worth it.


I returned to Dallas on Thanksgiving day and immediately spent the day with the Staalsen family.


Above are all the Staalsen cousins.  Such a blessing for my kids to  be raised with family close by!


There is a bond that cousins share that can't be replaced by anyone. They know you so well and the bond never changes even across oceans.

  My soul is FULL and THANKFUL for the time I had with my family in South Africa!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family!