Our Story

Ruthie Staalsen of Ruthie Staalsen Interiors was born and raised in South Africa and since then has lived all over the world, contributing to her claim to fame as an award-winning Dallas-based designer, using international elements to create spaces that are “relaxed, collected and global.”

Ruthie is loved and respected by her clients and colleagues, and known for her infectious personality, superior sense of style and strong focus on providing quality design services. She has been a design blogger since 2010 and is considered a design influencer and trend setter all over the world. Her personal design style has a European flair with an eclectic twist, which is a testament to her extensive world travels.

“I was born & raised overseas with influence from Europe, Africa, Central America & South America. The privilege of being able to experience different lifestyles was the greatest gift I received from my childhood. Life was simple yet exciting! My personal character was built by living in different cultures and I learned quickly to make the small things count.” -Ruthie Staalsen

Ruthie brings over 16 years of experience to her design firm, and focuses on creating spaces that are collected, not decorated. She likes to incorporate both bold and delicate pieces to tie a room together and has a keen eye for detail. She has built a dynamic team of creative, like-minded individuals over the years, allowing the work of her firm to remain unique and consistent.

Ruthie also has a knack for utilizing existing pieces within a space to create something completely new, and prides herself on the ability to adorn each space with remnants reflective of the life experiences and attributes that define each of her clients, crafting spaces that are both relaxed and inviting.

“God is the giver of gifts, it is up to me to use those gifts to serve Him.” -Ruthie Staalsen

Ruthie cherishes her faith and allows it to constantly motivate and inspire her, contributing to new and fresh designs for each of her clients. Entrepreneur and co-author of the book Behind Her Brand, Ruthie provides keen insight into what life is like as a female entrepreneur, mother, and wife, and how to best integrate each of these aspects to create a balanced business and life. She is distinguished as one of the Top 15 Decorators in Dallas and was named Designer of the Year by the Interior Design Society in 2016. Her work has been featured in Traditional Home, Elite Monde, 360 West, 817 Home, and numerous other national publications.

Meet Lesley White, Ruthie’s assistant. Lesley has been with Ruthie Staalsen Interiors for over 6 years and is an integral part of the design firm. She works closely with each client during the design process and is known for her incredible organizational skills and friendly personality. If you hire Ruthie Staalsen Interiors, you will be thrilled to get to know Lesley as she is a big part of making the entire design process run smoothly.