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This circuit includes a total body workout that should take no longer then 45 minutes to complete It involves a brief warm up, followed by 10 stations alternating opposing movements I encourage you to go through this very the light the first time to become familiar with the movements At […]

Exercise Circuit of the Month #1: Blending Injury Prevention and ...

This sequence incorporates 4 movements that involve light mobilization of the hamstring along with activating the surrounding areas. It is a safe way to begin to activate your posterior chain with minimal threat of hamstring irritation. If any the movements reproduce pain, you should stay in a range short of […]

Hamstring Strain/Tendinopathy: Initial Program

The sequence below is my personal nightly routine/pre activity warm up. It is meant to move through multiple planes of motion as deep into end range motion as possible. Many people will not tolerate end range motion right away, and may need to do each of these movements more cautiously […]

What Your Physical Therapist Does To Prevent Injury: Warm Up/Daily ...

Managing advancing thoracic kyphosis and collapsing posture typically requires some manual therapy, but concern for osteoporosis can make some Physicians and patients apprehensive about Chiropractors and spinal manipulation. ¬†Well trained practitioners will have a variety of low and high force techniques to treat each body area, allowing an effective treatment […]

How to stay tall – Managing thoracic kyphosis in osteoporotic ...

This week, let’s not forget the role of the lateral pterygoid muscle in controlling the articular disc of the jaw. ¬†This little muscle has an attachment in the sort of meniscus like disc inside the TMJ, so altered tone in it can adversely affect the movements of the jaw. This […]

Anatomy Fun Fact Corner – TMJ Edition

Elbow pain can be tricky sometimes, when symptoms don’t seem to match up, we can start thinking/looking for structural variations which might not be there in every patient. Like this article identifying a meniscus in the elbow causing snapping pain. For the outlier elbow pain patients with a snapping or […]

Random Anatomy Facts Time

Based off of the concept of the 5 Tibetan Rites, we all should have a few movements that we do on a daily basis to move areas of our body that typically tighten up. Below are 5 of the more popular movements I have found to be helpful with a […]

Injury Prevention Warm Up or Daily Routine: 5 Moves/5 Minutes