Top 10 Decorating renews for 2010

1.  Paint your front door a fresh new color.

My favorites colors for this year are....
Benjamin Moore Moroccan Red - 1309

Benjamin Moore Evening Sky - 833

2.  Add new colorful pillows to your couch, chairs or bed. 
 I only use "down" pillows.  They make everything feel cozy.

Here are a few pillows that I love!
The above two are from World Market
The above 2 are from Wisteria
3.  Purchase some china mugs
There is nothing like drinking tea, coffee or hot chocolate out of a china mug.
My favorite bone china mugs are by Roy kirkham.  They are lightweight and thin and come in so many different themes.  I have Christmas ones that I bring out each year and LOVE.
I'm known for my selection by my friends.  They love to choose what mug they want each time they are here, depending what mood they are in.

What guy wouldn't love these.  I need to get some of these this year. Your mugs can't all be girlie.

4.  Train yourself to find a place for everything.  Get organized.

I'm still trying to get organized.  It's always a struggle.  However, once you get in a routine, it makes your life so much easier when you know where to find things.

This year I would love to create a wrapping station for birthday gifts, etc.  Love the above idea.
Items above found at Ballard Designs

5.  Update your mantel

For this you don't have to buy new items.  Take everything off your mantel and start from scratch.  Find items from around your house to change it up a little.  Most of the time few items are better.  2 large urns vs. a bunch of little items is key.  Place a mirror on the mantel (leaning) or a painting and that's all you need.  Try shopping in your home for fresh ideas.  Large candlesticks are a great idea too.  Of course, If I helped you, I would add an eclectic touch.  I just want to encourage you to start fresh this year and try doing it yourself.

6.  Add a mirror to your space.
You can never have enough mirrors.  Purchase different shapes and sizes.  They can add so much character to a home.   Here are a few of my all time favorites.
Get creative with your shapes and finishes.

A grouping of mirrors is always interesting too.  These would also look great on a mantel.
7.  Invite Greenery into your home
Not only is the greenery what adds character it's the vase it's in.  Greenery makes a house come alive.
Greenery mixed with some color is even better.  If you have a grand entry or a great big dining table, wouldn't this arrangement be gorgeous?  I would love this in a large niche too.  I love the bench this arrangement is placed on.  The formal arrangement against the stone, on the bench makes it have a whimsical feel.  This is what I enjoy!
8.  Add a touch of modern to your home.
 A little can go a long way.

Even if your home is traditional, a little touch of modern can really add a "new" updated look.

9.  Update your hand towels and dishtowels
Some dishtowels and hand towels cost just a few dollars.  They can make your kitchen feel "new" and add a freshness to your space.

See Etsy for many handmade ones that are unique.
This is one of my favorites from William Sonoma.

10. Add a new throw to your sofa, chair or bed. 
Throws don't cost much and can add so much class to any space. 

Animal print throws are really fun.  Just don't overdo the animal print.  If your pillows are animal print, then don't have your throw match.  Animal print is often overdone.  Just one item in a room with this amazing print is all you  need.
Grey is perfect for any color scheme too.
The above throws can be found at Dillards.
I hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May you be blessed in 2010.  Thanks for following my blog!