10 things I love/hate/share about me

I have received the Honest Scrap award from Maria Killam at Colour Me Happy (one of my favorite blogs - you are the greatest Maria!). The rules are you must share 10 honest things about yourself and link to the person who gave you the award, as well as tag 7 other blogs that you love! So here goes:

1.  I love camping. We were just away this weekend in our RV and it is such therapy. I can totally relax and not think about a thing. I enjoy being out in the woods, huddled around a roaring fire, eating a smore.

Having time away where I can focus on my family, wear no makeup, throw my baseball cap on, hang in a hammock, listen to my favorite music is all such good medicine for the soul.  It brings life back to the basics.   Makes you feel like a kid again with no worries about "real life" back home.  Lots of laughter too!

Nothing like a sunset while you are by the fire!
My sister and I at the entrance of a bat cave.  No I wouldn't go in!

2.  I love Chutney  - Born and raised in South Africa, this is a staple sauce you eat with most everything.  I especially love it with french fries!

3.  I lived in Panama City during my middle school years. I rode to school in a taxi cab every day and didn't’t think that was a big deal. We lived downtown Panama and my school was about 45 minutes away.  When I think of that memory and experience now, I’m shocked that it was me who did that.  There were about 3 of us that were picked up and dropped off every day.  I remember hearing the salsa music which I use to jam to and of course there was no air conditioning, just hot air blasting past my face from the open windows.   However, the cultural experience is one I will never forget and I think it made me aware of others around me and helped me adjust to life's circumstances with flexibility.

4.  I can’t stand to watch other’s brush their teeth. It makes me nauseated. Crazy but true. The foaming at the mouth makes me sick. Okay, barf..... I’ll be right back.

I also dislike the dentist and want to be medicated before I sit in the chair!

5.  The best book I read was when I was a teenager. The autobiography of Joni Eareckson Tada.  I couldn't put the book down.  She was paralyzed as a teenager and her story describes how she overcame this terrible disaster in her life.  It changed my outlook on life, making me live my life to the fullest. Especially since I was a teenager and thought the whole world revolved around ME, ME!   Go here to watch her interview with Larry King Live.

6.  I wore coke bottle glasses until I was 16 and was teased all through school. The best day of my life was when I got contacts.  However, I look back at it now and it helped me become who I am now.  I learned to overcome adversity and helped me overcome my fears, building my character.  My oldest daughter was born with lazy eyes and had 3 surgeries to correct her strabismus.  She wore glasses at 4 months old.  I was able to encourage her and help her through what I went through, making both of us even stronger.  Funny how life flips around isn't it?

Yes, this is what I looked like.

7.  I have never been a dog lover but we got a puppy last year for our girls. I have been won over and can’t live without her now!  Actually today it's been one year since we got her.

8. I love to knit.  My mom taught me when I was about 10 and I've never forgotten.  If I ever want to do something that is productive but requires no brain work, that's what I 'll do.  Yes, I know it's kinda nerdy but if you read my blog entry last week about 2011 trends, knitting is coming back!  Go here to read my post.

9.  I love candles but am very cautious when I light them because I almost burnt my house down once.  It was about 10:00 p.m. and I was 8 months pregnant and wanted ice cream.  My husband and I went to the grocery store, bought the ice cream, came out of the store and saw a fire truck whipping past.  We decided it would be adventurous to follow the firetruck to see what was happening.  Guess where we followed the firetruck???  Yes, OUR house.  I thought I was going to go into labor!  I ran inside and the fire department had taken over my whole living room after a candle had ignited my mantel.  All I could think about was the nursery I had just decorated and finished that weekend.  My whole living room was soaked and we spent all night moving furniture, setting up fans and feeling thankful that our house hadn't burned down.  Needless to say, my husband is paranoid about candles now too!  I'm reminded of this incident each time I light a candle but still light them! 

10.  My most embarrassing moment was about 20 years ago when I was at a large Convention.  When we entered, they gave us all glow sticks.  We placed them in our purses and then when it was time to light up the auditorium they told us to get them out, break them and wave them in the air.  
It was a VERY serious moment.

I noticed that everyone around me was laughing.....I looked up and guess what I was waving? 

Yes, this is true! I had broken it in half and was waving it in the air!!!
Kinda personal.....but I still chuckle when I think about this.
Gotta laugh at yourself!
Have fun!