6 reasons why Designers return to High Point Market!

If you are not an Interior Designer then you probably hear Designers talking about how they attend High Point Market each year, sometimes twice a year. So what exactly is High Point Market?

High Point Market is a huge furniture market for all designers that are looking for the perfect unique item for their clients. Everything from furniture, accessories to rugs, bedding and dishes. It literally goes on for miles and miles.

As you know, I was on the Design Bloggers Tour this last High Point Market and I came up with 6 reasons why designers SHOULD be going to High Point Market to build their business and take it to the next level.

The NO 1 reason you should go to High Point is to learn from the best Interior Designers and creatives in the design industry.

 For example on the Design Bloggers Tour we got to learn from the Shabby chic queen herself, Rachel Ashwell. There were about 10 of us in a room asking her questions about how she got started and what made her successful, from her failures to her successes. This is priceless information that helps you grow as a person and as a designer. Hearing behind the brand stories is fascinating.

I sat on the front row and listened to Candace Olson talk about her family, her HGTV life and heard all about what she is doing now in her business. You learn so much from listening to the questions asked and can apply the answers to your own business. Quality, quality all the time.

No 2.  Overcome your fear of the unknown.

Sometimes we avoid doing things that seem scary because we just can't seem to jump out and try something new. If you are a new designer, I encourage you to go to the next High Point Market. It seems so overwhelming but you can do it. Some of the best people I was introduced to have been on the bus going from one showroom to another! You can do this! Spread your wings! Don't miss something great because of fear! It is crucial to growth in this industry.  The relationships you build will be the best investment, I promise.

No. 3 Look through the eyes of other interior designers/stylists and learn new ways to style your clients homes.

This has been a huge thing for me. By walking through the different showrooms, I have been inspired to think outside the box more often. I tend to do that anyway, but it has given me the confidence to go with my style and branch out more often than I do. It gives you something to compare yourself to and encourages you to step it up if needed. I always want to become better for my clients.

No. 4 It's a place to find mentors and be a mentor.

Being at High Point Market has allowed me to be in front of designers that are doing amazing things with their Design Businesses. I have followed them on social media and feel like I know them. However, once you meet some of the talented people face to face, you can learn from them directly. You will be amazed at how authentic and open many of the designers are.

I reached a point in my career where I realized I needed to start being a mentor to others. If you want a business that is thriving and want to grow personally, it is important that you mentor others as well. It is an investment but there are huge rewards on both sides.

I was so proud of Gray Space Interiors (in the above photo, second from left) she showed up because her designer mentor Cheryl Luckett told her she should be there and she trusted her and did it. I know for a fact, it changed the way she looks at design moving forward.

Toma Clark Haines

No. 5 See the latest trends and  be the first to see new furniture introductions.

Of course we all want to see the latest trends. Some of the trends may not be for your brand but it is so important that you know what is new for your clients. Knowing what is in and what is out is crucial to your business. Nobody wants to hire a designer that is stale and stuck in a rut. Seeing the trends for the next season keeps you excited about new designs and your client will feel that excitement.

The Windsor Smith Collection by Century Furniture was one of my favorite new launches this past market. I love her style because it feels crisp, yet relaxed and inviting.

“The vision for Century Icons is to find and work with our industries’ greatest design talents, to understand the soul of their work, and then bring that to life through our craftspeople in Hickory. To me there is nothing more interesting than a group of artists in concert together where their unique personalities enhance and highlight each other. This is what we intend with Century Icons—to show great furniture design and designers as they relate to one another.”  - Century Furniture

No. 6 Helps you determine your own design style.

The M/T Company

We all have our design styles we tend to gravitate towards. Being in front of unique trends and interesting new products, that have just come out in the market, always validates for me what MY PERSONAL design style is. When you are a designer, it seems that we LOVE a lot of different styles so it's fun to narrow it down to exactly what you love.

Hope you enjoyed my 6 top reasons why you should go to High Point.  I hope to run into you at the next High Point Market!  I have my cute comfy shoes all ready!