Accessories should make a statement

I just finished a small installation today.  My client already had all the furniture, she just needed a few accessories to fill in all the empty spaces.  It needed to feel like home. 
It's all about the details and you know I'm ALL about the details.
 I found this wonderful frame and knew I could do amazing things with it.  This tiny entry needed something on the wall to make it interesting and I wanted it to say WOW.    I painted the frame because it was "GOLD" and not very attractive.  The new finish gave it an updated look and made it very, very stylish.  Adding this wrought iron medallion to the center of the frame made it come alive and the client LOVED it!  I did too.
Ruthie Tip:  The wrought iron piece was suppose to hang more like a square but I angled it to make it look more interesting. 
This hand painted tray almost stayed at my house.  It ties the ottoman and rug together.
 I added this embroidered lampshade to her existing lamp base that she wanted to keep.  The embroidery goes beautifully with the rug pattern.
The storage ottoman was kind of boring all beige and had a stain on the top.  I had just the top upholstered and now it speaks volumes in the room.
I fell crazy in love with these candle sconces.
Texture, texture, texture....even better when you layer items. You can't go wrong with silver.
The lampshade looks gorgeous with this wooden wall panel.  I choose my accessories very carefully and make sure they all tie together beautifully.  Everything is chosen for a reason.
This set of rustic wooden wall art added so much character and interest. 
They look like door knockers.
I found these Fleur de Leis at a flea market and had them stained a dark walnut (they were a light oak finish).  Completely changed their look.
A hint of modern makes every space interesting.
We added this mirror to the dining room as well as the table centerpiece.  The client already had the framed art, I just moved it to the above wall.
Here is a little glimpse into the room.
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