Advent Wreath Tradition

Recent Request was for an Advent Wreath. This wreath is actually for our church but this is a great way to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

I had to do some research because I haven't ever gone through advent with an Advent Wreath. Here's what I found out.

The meaning of the Advent Wreath:

1st Candle (purple) is lit on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, a scripture is read, a carol is sung and you pray. "Candle of Hope" We can have hope because God is faithful and will keep the promises made to us. Our hope comes from God.

2nd Candle (purple) "Candle of Preparation" Preparation means to "get ready". "Help us to be ready to welcome YOU, O GOD!"

3rd (pink) "Candle of Joy" - The angels sang a message of JOY!

4th (purple) "Candle of Love" God sent his only son to earth to save us, because he loves us.

5th (white) "Christ Candle" The white candle reminds us that Jesus is the spotless lamb of God, sent to wash away our sins! His birth was for his death, his death was for our birth!

Setting aside a few minutes each during Advent to "light" the candle(s) and worship will help everyone in the family to get ready for Jesus' birthday celebration. On the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day burn the first candle, read the Scripture reference, sing a carol and pray. On the next Sunday, you will burn the first candle. Continue in this manner until the Sunday before Christmas you will burn all four candles. On Christmas Day you burn the "Christ Candle", signifying that Jesus has come!

Having family traditions is a wonderful legacy to pass on. Make your house a home filled with the true meaning of Christmas this season!