Africa Trip Recap

As some of you know, I went to Africa this past summer to attend my Grandfather's funeral. I have 6 cousins that live there and most of my aunts and uncle's are there too. The trip was amazing because I got to catch up with the cousins I grew up with. I didn't ever get to blog about this trip because we moved this summer as well and life got a hold of me.

I was priviledged to have my cousins take me around to so many amazing places. One of my favorites was this dairy farm. We had an incredible lunch outside on the patio. It seems that every restaurant in Africa is focused on outdoor eating which is perfect because the weather is so beautiful. We ended up in their bakery and I purchased an amazing bundt butter cake that we had after our curry dinner that night.

Another favorite time for me was tea at my aunts house. Of course tea is served all day long. This tea was our late afternoon tea and we had every kind of yummy cake & scone you could think of (better scones than Starbucks and they are my favorite). The beauty of it all was the way it was all set up outside again and we had a lace table cloth (my grandma's) and beautiful tea cups. Of course we had milk in our tea, yum.
After tea we decided to go for a walk because when we drove into the neighborhood I was going nuts over the houses. They were all so unique and different and I had to check them ALL out. My cousins were laughing at me but I was determined. Here are a few pictures of the homes on our walk. You won't believe they are in "Africa".

I LOVE the thatch roofs. Maybe it's because I grew up living in one. When we lived in S. Africa we had a beautiful thatch house and I have fond memories of it. I love all the angles on these homes.

This house looks like it had a garage addition added. You can see the new thatch. It turns dark with time.

Yes, this is a house...not a hotel.

Just about every house as a pool and of course one of these cute little thatch huts. I got so inspired that one will be going up at my house sometime. They have so much character and I can't wait to sit underneath it with my cup of tea (well maybe my ice tea here in TX).
It was an awesome trip! My cousins took me shopping and I bought a beautiful African tablecloth and some great jewelry for friends and family. Of course I shopped for clients as well. I even got to see all three houses that I lived in as a kid. So much fun to go back in time. There is something about seeing the home you lived in while growing up, such a connection there.
We also drove all around town so I could find a tea pot that doesn't drip. Yes, I am still drinking tea a lot and it is in a china tea cup.
Thanks for letting me share.