After Kitchen/Entry Pictures

Okay, here are the after pictures. I haven't moved the furniture back yet and the stone still has a gloss to it because the enhancer/sealer is still drying. You'll notice I had them install it at a 45 degree angle. This makes the rooms feel bigger. You can also see the decorative 1x1 tiles we used on each step down.

You'll also notice that I had the railings painted black. This really helped add a classy look to the house. It looked awesome white but I wanted it to be less "traditional" and more casual. The black really added more charm to the staircase as well as making the lines less busy. This allows the faux painting to make more of a statement. Don't you think??

My husband didn't like the idea of having them painted but I gave him the decorator talk and said "trust me." He said "ok but I'm sceptical." Now he LOVES it a lot! I had confidence that it would work. Time to start moving the furniture back. The family has liked the fridge in the living room and say it's convenient for ice cream snacks. Sorry family, back to the kitchen it goes! Time to get things back to normal and DECORATE. I'm moving things around a little. Y'all know how I love change.