Budding Artist

My brother- in-law Eric Staalsen is an amazing artist. He has always been able to do incredible artwork from abstract to traditional.  He's actually a pool designer now but when he can he paints and draws in his spare time.
Recently, his daughter Trinity had a school project and had to do some research about Electric Guitar's. After her research, she had to give a report in front of the class. Eric is no ordinary dad, he decided that they could both make each child a mini sample of a Les Gibson Paul guitar.
Trinity is becoming quite the artist too and drew some of these herself.
I love to see parents who encourage kids that have an artistic flair. It's especially cool when a dad takes an interest in his daughter.   The time he spent with her during this project is priceless.  She will always remember this and I'm sure the kids in her class will too!

This is another project Eric did at their church in the kids area.
I love to see budding artists that are being encouraged by an experienced artist.  Can't wait to see what God has in store for you Trinity!