Before & After Garden Treasures

In April I posted about some treasures that I'd found on the curb or in the trash.   Here are the treasures after they have been given some love and attention!
This wonderful Spanish chair with "blue" ugly wicker (gag) and this gorgeous leather hide seat was a find of the day!  I knew it had potential because I had just seen these pictures in a library book I was reading and really loved the look of the chairs around this dining room table. 
Ethnic Interiors  by Dinah Hall
Ethnic Interiors by Dinah Hall
I got all inspired by the photo and knew I could make my own rendition of the above chairs with a few paint layers and some wonderful gel stain.
All I need is one chair, that will do me fine!  Actually the rooms above are a little too "Ethnic" for my liking but I do like a touch of it my space.  I know it's because of my growing up and traveling all over the world, I tend to gravitate towards items that are culturally different.
Goodbye BABY BLUE!!
It now resides on my front porch and loves its new home!
Remember the columns that my friend gave me for my birthday?
They now reside in my front garden, leaning on my pot that had a crack in it so I decided to lay it on its side with the crack on the bottom.  Planted sweet potato vine in it and now I get to enjoy this grouping from my kitchen window while I eat my breakfast each morning.
Remember this wrought iron stand that I found on the curb?  I found a cute bird that looked oh so cheery and now she greets me as I drive into my driveway each day!  The bird cost me $3.00 because she had a hole in the bottom....perfect for me! LOVE IT!  The kids have named her lily!
Now off to do some weeding in that garden I've been talking about!
Where is the Mother's Day" Garden Elf?