The Best Birthday Gift Ever!

We recently went on vacation to the beach. I was determined to find a piece of driftwood so I could use it somehow in my decor in our new home. We spent a day walking the beach as a family trying to find the best piece! The girls had a blast collecting shells and helping us find this treasure. After several hours, we found it! We marked the spot in the sand so we could drive back to the beach and pick it up later that evening. I knew I loved the piece because it had character and wonderful shape. We hauled it home and let it sit until I came up with an idea for it. Right before I left town for my birthday weekend with friends, I told my husband that I'd love to see the driftwood stained and put on a stand of some sort. I kinda described my thoughts to him (he is so wonderful about all my crazy ideas). Well, guess what he did? While I was gone, he and the girls stained it and did exactly what I expected, put it on a stand! It's amazing and far beyond what I imagined! The memory of walking on the beach with our family and picking it out together is the best part of this gift!

These are the kinds of accessories that fill our homes and personalize them, making a house a home!