Best Dressed Fort Worth Dining Room

It's been about 2 months since I met with my client to present her design plan for her dining room. She has been beside herself excited for installation day and has been waiting patiently.  Finally, yesterday was the BIG day.  I absolutely LOVE installation day because all the visions that have been swirling in my head come to reality! 

 Lesley (my assistant) and I started first thing in the a.m. prepping for their install.  We went over our checklist and made sure we had everything ready.  It is amazing what work goes into making sure all the details are covered and I'm so grateful for Lesley!  I spend many nights tossing and turning before a project install and often get up to write things down that we can't forget to take or buy for that special day.

  I like to take things that are precious, breakable or anything that needs extra care in my vehicle.  My installers take very good care of my items but I'm a protective mama.
Of course, it was raining on the day we had lots to load which was a challenge.  I'm so grateful for an amazing storage facility where I can back my car right up to it, making it easier to manage.
 Yesterday, as I was getting into the car, my tennis shoe slipped and I totally fell to the ground, I mean totally flat on my back.  I was a bit stunned at first because it happened so fast!  However, once I realized I was OK, all I could do is laugh and laugh.   When I got in the car I did say "Oh Lord, please don't let this day continue like this."
We headed out to Fort Worth with our coffee in hand, ready for GREATNESS.
When we arrived, we unloaded and placed the rugs.  We then anxiously awaited the arrival of all the custom built chairs that my amazing upholsterer and I designed. We dominated the freight elevator for a while, that's for sure!
 My client already had the table and it was AMAZING so we had 10 chairs made to complete the room. Just imagine the fun dinner parties that are going to happen around this table.  
Check out that wine display cabinet, it was just finished up last month!  It is stunning in person, all behind glass! There is a lot of height in this room because it's a loft condo.  The arrangement on the table brings your eye up and adds a splash of texture and a bit of glam.
The captain chairs are a bit taller than the rest of the chairs and they truly add a special touch to the entire look.
 I'm crazy in love with all the colors, stripes and geometrics. The velvet is so soft and has a beautiful sheen to it.
It was a successful day without any other falls!  I am very sore today though! 
Stripes and geometrics make an amazing marriage don't you think?
 Keep a watch out for the living room we did in this home the same day.  
 Take a peek below!
Happy weekend!  I'm hosting a birthday party here at the house tomorrow night for my hubby.  Look forward to having my home filled with all the family! Barbecue is on the menu with blackberry cobbler & ice cream for dessert.
My new website will be launched next week too so I'm incredibly excited about that.   
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