Birthday Celebrations


This year my birthday fell on Easter Weekend!  It was incredibly awesome to share the weekend with all the celebrations of Easter.

 My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year.  The one thing I really wanted was to be with my good friends around a table.  We thought about a restaurant but I don't like restaurants for parties, you can never really chat with everyone.


  Being that my hubby loves to cook, he recruited our daughters and 2 of their friends to cook for us in our own house.


The weather was perfect so we did it outside by the pool.  It was casual and FUN!  Great music and loads of laughter with 14 of my good friends that I do life with!


We had salad and appetizers and the girls served us all evening.  Even Ava, our doggie, enjoyed the party!

My wonderful, talented friend made these amazing tufted cupcakes.  Aren't they incredible?  They were super delicious too, all decorated in easter colors.

Kimmberly Ramos at 

It was my husband's birthday about a week before mine.  He turned the BIG 50.  We have some amazing friends that took us out for dinner at a new restaurant in Dallas to celebrate.  If you haven't been there, it is an amazing steakhouse.

"The Knife".

the knife

Bacon Tasting of 5 varieties for the appetizer, so good! Notice I am just sitting nicely while my husband just about stabs me LOL.

For my present, my wonderful handyman husband hung these vintage stained glass lanters for me in our cabana! I've had them in my storeroom for a while now and just didn't have time to do anything with them.  He agreed to hang them for my party!  Best gift ever is one done with LOVE!


Speaking of LOVE.....

17 years ago my husband Dan sold his TR6 because we had babies, I quit working and we needed the money. I remember standing upstairs looking out the window as his car drove away!  It was a sad day but he did it with no hesitation because it was the right thing to do.  He and my dad had totally rebuilt the car and had put loads of hours and lots of memories into it.  I remember thinking to myself as I watched it drive away, "one day, I'm going to buy him a car just like that." This month he turned 50 so I surprised him with a totally refurbished 1974 TR6, just like his old one. He has encouraged me, supported me, and worked hard along side me in my business.  Nothing I give him can ever thank him.  Most of all, he has loved our family so well!  It was a great suprise but I realized, it is not about the car.  It's about the meaning behind it and the memories we created with it.  


Every where we go in the car, we are stopped and someone tells us a story about how they use to have one just like it.


 So Fun!

My birthday was the same thing this year, filled with memories with good friends.  These kinds of memories are priceless!!