Bluebonnets "Their Glory Never Fades"

I love spring time here in Texas for lots of reasons but one of them is because all the Bluebonnets start blooming.
It's crazy cool how all of a sudden they start appearing and they are everywhere!  Especially along the Texas Highways!  Seriously, they do look this vibrant and beautiful.
We always know that it means Easter is around the corner when we start to see signs of the Bluebonnets.  We drove to Arkansas for Spring Break this year and when we entered into Texas on our way home, the highway banks were filled with color.
It's fun to see all the families pouring out of their cars with camera's in hand. 
Some little cuties can't resist the urge to run....
It's a Texas tradition to stop on Easter Sunday when the family is all dressed up in their cute sundresses and hats!  I know we had to do it when we were teenagers and first arrived here in Texas from overseas.  My mom still has those pictures hanging on her stairway wall.
How cute is this family with their 7 kids!  Love the Longhorns in the background.
Texas Boots and Bluebonnets!
Brides and Bluebonnets.
Horses and Bluebonnets.
Even bunnies.
They are mostly seen in these two colors.
They are only around for a few weeks and then like a flash, they are gone and then we know the Texas HEAT begins!
This painting is called "The Glory Never Fades" and is so very beautiful and peaceful.
If you would like to find out more about the history of the Bluebonnet, visit this website here.
Happy spring time to you all!
Most of the above photo's are from Google Images and Pinterest.
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