Books are like artwork for your home.

(by Kerrie L. Kerry)
I'm a true believer that books add so much life and character to a room.  They can be displayed in every room of your home.  Here are some of my favorite rooms with book displays to get your creative juices going for your own home.
Note:  Painting behind bookshelves or adding wallpaper to the back of bookshelves really adds sophistication and expands the space.
(Elle Decor)
A kitchen needs lots of color and what better way to add a collection of books like these.
These subway tiles are beautiful added all the way up the wall and down below the drawers.  Perfect way to give the illusion that the space is bigger.  The copper pans up against the white tile is a brilliant way to add that WOW that we all want in our spaces.
(William Hefner Architects)
These books go beautifully with the wood tones of the furniture and coordinate well with this painting. Stacked books underneath furniture is a look that I'm crazy about!
(Domino Magazine)
These shelves are beautifully done.  Lots of interesting objects and books placed in different directions to add interest and personality.
(Witt Construction)
What better way to display books than in a hallway that could be wasted space.
(Hartman Baldman Designs)
Love the arches on these bookshelves in the hallway.  The red venetian plaster behind the bookshelves is another element that makes them stunning.  Adding the color to the entire inside of the shelf is very attractive. The bare wood shelves are breathtaking too.
(Glann Gissler Designs)
Cozy nook under the stairway.
(by David Churchhill)
Great way to utilize usually wasted space.
(by Debbie Wiener)
A room filled with books is even better when there is a place to curl up and read.
(by Abbott Moon)
Simplicity with pops of one color.  My favorite color is orange and up against white it is even more delicious.
(by Mirrokal Designs)
A place to display cookbooks is a must.
(by Soorikian Architects)
I dream about having bookshelves like this in my hallways.
(Smith and Vansant Architects)
Again, no space waisted and also adds a perfect place for collections.
(by Tongue and Groove)
Great idea for an office.  These bookshelves are very slick.
(by Visual Engine)
What an awesome little game room, reading nook. 
(by Tamar Schechner)
Books/bookshelves can add height, color, texture, history, character, interest, personality and so much more to your space.  It's a quick, easy way to decorate and adds a powerful statement to any room. 
(by Tobi Fairley)
In the above photo Interior Designer Tobi Fairley covered all her books in white to create a statement along with all her accessories.  Against the green wall it really makes a beautiful collection in her home.
(by DecRenew Interiors)
The best part of adding books to your rooms is the warmth they add.  If you scroll through all of the above photos again, you will see that they are all so soothing, warm and colorful all at the same time.  I believe books are like adding artwork to your space.
Look around your home, do you have that feel in your rooms?  Try adding this character by starting your book collection today.  
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