Bookshelves & wallpaper

(Domino Magazine)

I found this photo today from Domino Magazine.  I love that this antique piece of furniture has been made alive by adding wallpaper to the back of it. 
Opening up this writing desk, adding a lamp and layering some great accessories makes it feel like someone lives here and uses this desk space regularly.   I'm sure it was beautiful before but what an invitation it is now.  It gives this antique an updated look and it's no longer "fuddy duddy" or extremely formal.
About 8 years ago I wallpapered the back of a boring bookshelf for a client and it made the world of difference to her office space.  To this day, she tells me that she ALWAYS gets compliments on that room and knows it's because it has personality from the wallpaper.
Here are some more examples of bookshelves that have been brought to life with wallpaper.
Isn't this Chevron design by allaboutvignettes amazing?  Couldn't do too much of it but it's fantastic!
 Wrapping paper makes for a great look too!
Try using metallic wallpaper, it makes an amazing statement because of it's reflection!
(House Beautiful)
These colors are wild and crazy but add so much fun and whimsy to this built in.
These bookshelves painted black and then wallpapered with this happy pattern is enough to make anyone want to work non stop in this space.
(Design Sponge)
Ruthie's tip of the day:  Adjust your shelves if you can.  They shouldn't all have the same space between each shelf.  Have some spaces larger than others so you can place interesting artwork and  larger accessories on those shelves. 

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