Broken Pieces

I found the below picture from many years ago and remembered this treasure....

My step mom opened her Kitchen cupboard on Christmas Day and something you dread happened. The shelf that all her beautiful china was on broke and all her china came tumbling to the floor. We all just stood there and didn't know what to say. She was so sad because she loved this china so much. As we were sweeping it all up I said "don't throw this away, I want to make something out of it". She said, whatever...I can't see how this could be anything".
For her birthday my sister and I gave her this vase that we made from the broken china pieces. It blessed her socks off and now she get lots of comments on the vase and best of all she has a story to tell.
While we're speaking of china, here's a great idea to decorate a plate for a dinner party. I did this for a Christmas Party but it could be done for a birthday or any special occasion. I placed a doily on the plate and sprinkled cocoa powder on the plate, removed the doily and there you have it!

The theme of my table for this Christmas Party was "For the love of chocolate". I made a chocolate tree for the middle of the table and hung crystal ornaments from it. It was a hit and smelled incredible.