70th birthday deserves 70 roses

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom who turned 70 today.  My sister and I thought it would be such fun to surprise her with 70 roses at her door early this morning.  She adores roses so we hoped that would make her day feel incredibly special.
I purchased all the flowers yesterday.  Aren't they beautiful?
As well as a container to make the arrangement in.  Hard to find one big enough!
I put some great music on and got busy placing each rose in its place.
We gathered the kids and met at her house at 7:00 a.m. hoping she would be awake!  Our family tradition has always been that we call each other on our birthdays and sing to each other over the phone.  We all look forward to it each birthday and we knew she would think that was normal once again this year.
We called her and sang our hearts out (along with our kiddos) and then told her to look out her front window.  There we were all standing with 70 ROSES to give her!  I could barely see over the vase it was so full and incredibly heavy!!
She was so touched and surprised and it WAS SO MUCH FUN!!
The kids will never forget this special memory and neither will we.
We brough along yummy cinnamon rolls....
Sausage rolls...

and of course Starbucks coffee.  It was a great way to start the day! 
Life is about creating memories and celebrating others
and today is a celebration because we have the best mom ever
A memory is one of the best gifts to give and one of the best to receive.  I think we all got a gift today.
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