Decorating In A Day/One Day Design

This home has had a makeover over the past few weeks.  
It was time for new wood floors, tile in the kitchen, painted kitchen cabinets and then some updated decorating.  I chose all the flooring and the paint colors to make sure good choices were made.
I met with the client for an Initial Consultation and we determined her budget first of all.  I recommended we do a "One Day Design" which allows me to use what the client has as well as add some additional accessories, rugs, lamps and artwork.  I established her design style and had her approve some items to make sure we were on the right track.
A few weeks later, the client left for the day and we got busy transforming, starting with the entry.
The client has this piece in the entry and wanted to use it since it is what they had (budget didn't allow us to purchase a new one).   We added new mercury glass knobs and  painted the hardware to match. The mirror above the dresser was painted with a dry brush black finish and it made it look so much better.  You will see the before in the video below.
I stole a pillow from upstairs and found the chair in the corner in their game room.
She really wanted a family gallery wall.  I purchased some new frames for her and used some of the ones she had as well.  She will add her family pictures later.  I had the metal "M" made for them and then incorporated the other items from pieces I found in other rooms.  I especially love the vintage camera on the shelf (top right), it adds some charm.  I found about 5 of them in different cabinets around the house.  I placed them all together in their family room and now they are a great conversation piece and collection.
We also had the stairway spindles painted black and the handrail gel stained the color of the new floors.  This was a stretch for my client but she is super excited about it now!
 This wonderful airplane artwork was originally hanging over their couch.  It didn't add much to the room and it felt too masculine in their main living room.  We added it to the top of the stairway and it looks amazing there.  Kinda looks like it's coming in for landing when you stand at the bottom of the stairs.
The dining room got some new table accessories and a pop of color in the artwork we added. The funniest thing is that when the two young boys saw the new art they said "mom, look it's our new target practice."  Got to love boys!
A new rug lightens up the space and adds some amazing personality.
You can see the gold mirror below "before" we painted it.
We then headed on to the living room.  We added this geometric rug.  Kept all the furniture but just added accessories.  Isn't the ceramic frog adorable?  I knew their 2 young boys will really enjoy that.  I found it sitting in a cabinet upstairs all lost and lonely.

A collection of new down filled pillows really made this room feel refreshed.
They had the lamps and I found this carved elephant from their travels.  I also found some vintage medicine bottles upstairs that she had forgotten about.  Layered on a mirrored tray, it makes a nice little collection.
  I made a collage of places that are special to the family.  The Atlanta skyline where they met. The Dome in Florence which was one of their favorite vacations, a colorful scene from New Orleans  where they lived for 6 years. Finally, I included their favorite beach getaway. 
 I don't have a before but you can see the before video below!
This new rug added some color to the kitchen and married the living room and kitchen together.  The colors are beautiful with the framed artwork in the living room and they make her new tile shine!  Great to stand on while doing the dishes as well.
We put together a video of BEFORE AND AFTER.  It's fun to see the transformation.
Isn't it amazing what you can do with what you have?  Just by adding accessories we transformed the place.  No new furniture, just a beautiful refresher to this beautiful family home.  It is now a house that invites them in and welcomes them HOME.
Call me for  your "ONE DAY" DESIGN!  You won't regret it.
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