Drapery finial and a pumpkin

I've NEVER done two blog posts in one day!!! However, I just couldn't contain myself after I finished this project.
I've had these drapery finials for about 2 years now waiting for something fun to do with them.  I had a brain storm and thought they might look fabulous on a white pumpkin. 
Isn't she adorable?  I'm planning some of the décor for a ladies brunch in November and started experimenting.  I didn't use a real pumpkin this time but you totally could.  It would be messier but if you are game, go for it. 
You could use all kinds of fun things for the top of the pumpkin.  Just google drapery knobs or drapery finials and you will see a ton of ideas.
I'd love to see some of the tiny pumpkins with cabinet knobs! 
Hope I've inspired you!