Would you stay at my Bed and Breakfast?

As some of you know, one of my dreams is to own a Bed and Breakfast.  It's a dream of mine that I've had for a long time.  Not sure if it will ever become a reality but it's fun to dream.  I love charming homes all the way from an English cottages to a rustic cabin in the woods.  I thought you might like to dream a little with me.... ready?  Let's go!
So Romantic!  I'd like to spend Valentines Day in this little cabin.  I imagine enjoying this front porch for my coffee as well as in the evening with the one I love.  Perfect place for men and woman because the men could fish in this little pond while the woman read on the front porch.
This North Carolina home looks incredibly inviting.
Not sure if I'd want the property to be perfectly manicured?
Or quaint, wild and free?
 Adore these wild flowers.
 If I could pick the house I'd want for my bed and breakfast, this one above would be the one I would choose in a heartbeat.   Seriously gorgeous!
A courtyard would be a must.
I've always loved windows that open so put that on my list of "wants".
 A thatched roof and a cute little picket fence gate would be nice!
Of course, every bed and breakfast has to have climbing roses.
Beautiful gardens to serve tea and coffee and a place to have Happy Hour!
I grew up in a house like this one when we lived in South Africa so I think that's why I love it!
Imagine taking a leisurely walk through this property?
A cute little town like this one to walk to so I could buy my bread and weekly goodies is on my priority list too.
My bed and breakfast wouldn't have a sign like this one.  It would say 
Every courtyard needs a water feature too.

Of course, I can't run a bed and breakfast myself.  My husband has to be on board too because he's the cook!  I think this rustic cabin would be his first choice. I'd go for it!
  I'd love to make each bedroom romantic and quaint with loads of sophistication and comfort.  I don't like too much fuss and would want the men to feel like they weren't in a froo froo room.
I think my guests would be happy to sleep in these rooms. 

For the woman that come with their girlfriends, I think they would enjoy these rooms.

Thanks for dreaming a little dream with me!  I'm hoping one day it will become a reality.

I'm dreaming big this year!

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