Turquoise & Red Decor

This shabby little chair makes my heart sing.  The color combinations are beautiful.  Of course, I 'm all about textures like this too so that's why I'm drawn to it.   
This post is all about turquoise and red combinations.  I talked about "all things pink" last post being that we are heading into the season of LOVE.  Red is the color of Love so let's see some beautiful combinations of turquoise and red.  Some will find that these colors are too strong for their taste but for decorating for Valentines Day, it's a wonderful combo.
 Can you believe these Blackened Broad Bills!!!  Just look at what God created to make our world a more beautiful place.  Their beaks are incredible.  How can we not use those colors as inspiration for our designs.
This tile is a little more pink than red but I adore the handmade pottery sink and the branch mirror.
(House of Turquoise)
These large chairs are divine along with the red window seat covered in geometric pillows.
 (Tobi Fairley)
Another shade of turquoise with coral.  Gorgeous.  Tobi always does things so beautifully and is a genius at color combinations.
Small accessories like these stacked boxes with a Coral lamp adds such charm to this entry with a sparkly turquoise chandelier.
 (Lucy and Company) 
Love the rug, lamp and pillows in the above bedroom. Definitely an eclectic combination.
A touch of turquoise with this red wicker chair on the patio.
(Laura U. Inc)
The black check floor makes a great backdrop for these bright color combinations.
I'd sleep tight in this bed.
The yummy glossy walls and the shiny leather chair  make a great marriage.  The yellow draperies pulls both colors together!
I'd want to stop at this little cafe for a Latte because of the charming color combinations.
Yellow is a beautiful compliment to this shade of turquoise and raspberry.  The gilded gold side chairs are one of my favorite things in this room, along with the painting. 
Antique pieces mixed with updated fabrics and modern artwork that pulls all the colors together.
A zen feeling in this room.
A charming little corner in a room to read.
Wrought iron patio tables look amazing painted turquoise along with raspberry Adirondack chairs.  Again, paired with yellow is amazing.
A different shade of turquoise with a velvet red.

 Why not add a touch of turquoise to your laundry room.
Or your front door!  This door makes me wonder who lives here?
Who wouldn't want to eat at this table?  Cute little turquoise vintage glasses used as vases.

Until next post!  Enjoy decorating!

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