College Days Pinterest Board



I've come to the reality that my daughter will be a senior this year.  Where did the time go?  My youngest daughter will be a senior the following year. I've been watching several of my friends as they prep for the big send off.


The decorating and organizational part of it can be very overwhelming.


They have been buying bedding, organizational items, rugs, lamps, etc. to make their new college students room feel like HOME.  The rooms are awfully tiny, but there is no need for them to be boring!  There are great ideas out there to make great use of the space.


 Part of me is hesitant but a big part of me is excited for this stage of life, it will be exciting.


 I've decided to put together a Pinterest board of all my favorite dorm room ideas.  Throughout this year, I'll pin pictures for those of you are in this same stage of life too. Hopefully it will inspire you as you prepare.

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College Dayzzz Pinterest Page


 Wish me luck as we start this new stage of life as a senior in high school.