Colors of Spring

I adore this time of year when you start to see signs of nature coming back to life after the cold winter. Seeing all the Bradford Pear trees blooming and all the oak trees getting their leaves makes my soul happy. Of course, here in Texas my allergies are about to kill me! I had the windows open the other day and the birds were singing like they hadn't sung in years. It was an amazing sound! It's so cool how Spring makes our lives feel like they are getting a fresh start. Everything seems new again.

I thought you would like to see some of the color trends for spring that are inspired by nature. I thought they were really beautiful.
Room Inspired by these beautiful flowers.
I love this room's pale pink color, it is almost grey. I also love the layering of the natural elements in this picture. The height of the sticks gives such incredible interest to the mirror and adds a softness to the room. The light colored basket under the table brings your eye to the floor and creates balance to the overall look. Mixing styles is also what makes this room amazing. The rustic tin cans add a bit of country and the imported carved furniture adds the eclectic twist. The shape of the mirror is also very striking and having it hung close to the table top is perfect. Notice how the height of the mirror is the same as the pictures on the wall to the left. Again this brings balance to this area. All the colors are so natural and soothing. I want to create this look for a client!!
For those of you that are taking time off for Spring Break like me, I hope you get to spend some time a part of nature. Maybe it will inspire you to start a project! May you feel a new beginning this spring!