Deck the Halls

I'm finally totally decorated for Christmas.  It's my favorite time of year!  I purposely planned a Christmas party in our home at the beginning of December to make sure I got decorated early.  I really wanted my family and I to STOP this season to "enjoy" instead of being "rushed & stressed" like we've done in past years.  I know that this season is never "stress free" let's just get real here, but I do know that we can try to prevent the craziness.
My husband and I really love having friends and family in our home all year round but especially this time of year.   Our dining room table is the place where we gather to chat with friends and family.  I keep the above giant green bowl on the table all year.  During different times of the year, I fill it with a variety of interesting items.  It's perfect because it's "functional" and doesn't have to be moved to see one another across the table.  It's always a great conversation piece and the kids love seeing the changes!
 These giant glass ornaments mixed with my antlers and fresh greenery is my favorite assortment this Christmas.
My bust was crowned with a wreath this year.
This frame is now lavishly covered in garland.  I'm a believer that your Christmas decor shouldn't take over your home but should be subtle addition to your existing decor.
  I like special touches in each room but don't want it to be over the top. Christmas shouldn't look like it threw up all over your home. 
I bought this swag several years ago and added a little extra color and sparkle to make it special.
I don't have a real tree but want the smell of Christmas in my home.  I usually incorporate fresh garland wherever I can.  My kitchen table arrangement was fun to make.  I used a rustic container that I usually use for my office supplies, added fruit and pine cones and instantly have a simple addition of Christmas on my kitchen farm table.
I added these decorative balls to my stair garland this year.  Love the copper and green combination.

Placing a "Rejoice" sign in my wrought iron urn added a quick touch of Christmas.

I love using large ornaments. Fresh garland added to my mantel allows me to sit in my favorite chair and smell the live evergreen.  Less clutter and more of a statement.

Our Christmas tree got put in an urn last year and I did the same this year.  It makes it taller and makes a grander statement in my entry.
Again, large ornaments with berry wreaths draped on them adds a special touch.
Bookshelves need garland too.  Can't leave them out!
My favorite tapestry in my entry also graciously welcomes guests with it's new addition of Christmas.
Outdoors is always fun to decorate.  The kids love driving up and seeing the pops of red!  The bows were their idea this year!
We added ornaments in with our pansies too.

Added these bells and berries to this garland and hung it outside our back door.

My candle sconces got a little somthin' somethin' added to them too.

Above my refrigerator makes me smile each morning too!

An elf stocking hung on the corner of a chair adds some whimsy.
Silver leafed ornaments were placed in my vase on my desk, along with my driftwood collection.

REJOICE!  Of course a Nativity scene is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

  Placed on my console table it is the center of attention in our entryway.
I'd love to see what you have done in your home this year for Christmas.

Email me at if you have done something different this year.  I might even share them with my followers later on this month.

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