DecRenew Interior's 2013 Recap

This statement is so incredibly true and I'm definitely doing what I LOVE!
 It was DecRenew Interior's best year ever!  We had an amazing 2013 and I'm energized about 2014!
I was blessed with incredible clients and during the process, I gained new friends!
I've had some time off to rest and spend time with my family in the piney woods this past week in our RV.  It is always a time of relaxation and restoration for me.
 Amazing how fabulous it is to have no cell coverage or Internet.  The kids did a ton of reading and spent time with cousins.
We read, caught up with friends, chatted by the fire, learned how to shoot a shot gun, had a huge cook out, made home made French Fries, cooked a humongous breakfast in Far Far's honor (our grandpa who we lost last year, he loved big breakfasts) and brought the new year in with sparklers for all and dancing!
Happy New Year, I hope yours has started out fabulous! I've got lots in the works already. 
 I also  have a new website coming out soon so stayed tuned.