Did someone say "Perfect"?

Found this Candelabra today while I was out "thrifting".  Came home and was browsing through my Wisteria Catalog I received in the mail today and the exact Candelabra (Iron Candelabrum) I found today was for sale in  the catalog.  What's the chance of that happening?  I was thrilled because I LOVE everything that has the Wisteria name on it.
Go here to see the Wisteria Catalog.
I was happy because I got a "great deal" on mine!  Did someone say perfect?
Sometimes you hit the jackpot, sometimes you don't.  Today was a good day!
I also found the following items for some bookshelves that I'm redoing.  They will be perfect to add some interest, texture, shape and color to the shelves that are currently BORING and cluttered.
This handsome copper urn carries such a dignified presence.
Awesome shape.
This kind of urn is also wonderful for pencils, pens, paperclips, etc.  I've even put pillar candles in them.
Filled with shells, rocks, stones, coral, etc.
Heavy alabaster glass on top of a great pedestal..  I'm going to use this for a floral arrangement or may put it up on a shelf that has a window behind it so the glass is showcased for all to see.
Naturally beautiful.  Found these items separate but love the way they dance together.
Sturdy statement slate cross.
Crafted from iron, this iron candelabra holds 5 taper candles.  However, candles don't have to be used.  It can remain empty or you could add grass balls to the top of them.
Like these.
Truly a stunning silver piece.  I'll polish it up and get it even more beautiful.  Love the etching around the edge.
I see this finial stacked on top of some old books.  Got some of those from my trip to France.
Couldn't pass up this oval beveled mirror!!  Great character.
No room is complete without a little greenery.  I know I'll find the perfect place for these two lovelies.  Maybe I'll even pair them with these birdies I found last month "treasure hunting"

or maybe with these concrete urns..I've got them in my office right now and they are filled with a Christmas ornament and old keys from France.
I love finding items that I love.  Most of the time I don't know where they are going to go or how they are going to be used.  However, if I love the item, I buy it.  It's such fun when you can start pairing things together and find the perfect place for each treasure.
It's time to open up a "Ruthie's Renewed Treasures" storefront.