Does your home have incredible soul?

Do you have a small space?  Feel like you are always looking ahead and wanting more?
You may have just purchased your first home.  Maybe you are single and have chosen to live in a small space.  Have you had a recent life change and are now in a smaller home or in one that wouldn't have been your choice?  Maybe it's temporary housing for this stage in your life.
I've been thinking lately that all the amazing decorating images we have access to these days can sometimes make us discouraged.  This is especially true if you are living in a small space.
Pinterest is a good example of fantastic images that you could spend hours devouring.  Don't get me wrong, I love Pinterest but often times I start getting overwhelmed by the beauty and start comparing my home to each and every image.
What helps me get unstuck from this mindset is to actually make my existing home the best it can be with what I have.   What it means is that I put as much as I can into it to make it look its best.    I love keeping it organized, full of fun, color and soul and have purposely surrounded myself with things that make our family life comfortable and functional.   
I have always had the philosophy that wherever you live can be beautiful.  It doesn't need to cost you a fortune. It may take some serious time and dedication but it can be done.  You just have to START doing SOMETHING.  Yes, this means even if you are in an apartment or temporary housing.  Make it feel it's best!  If you are constantly looking ahead and saying "oh, when I get a house" or "this place can't be great" then you are fooling yourself.  If you don't start doing something NOW, you most likely won't do it when you get the next place.  Don't let life go by without living each stage to the fullest!
Every stage in your life is worth celebrating and it starts in your home.  Your home is the place that nourishes your soul and can give you rest and fulfillment if it's your haven.  Our home is our refuge when we are tired and need to feel uplifted and encouraged.  We have purposely made our home a place where we can relax, entertain and rejuvinate. I don't know about you but it does something to my being when I come HOME.
Here are some ideas to help you get started.  Just start doing something! 
 You can also use Pinterest to INSPIRE you, not DISCOURAGE you!
Paint the entire space or one room.  You have heard this before but do you really believe it?  Get started and you will be shocked at the difference it makes the feel of the space.
Redo a piece of furniture (paint it a fun color or stain it).
Visit a flea market or garage sale and pick up a few items that you love.  This piano bench was repainted and is now seating at this table.
Add some large scale items to your walls to add character. In the above photo, they hung a large piece of fantastic fabric.   If you don't have anything on your walls, it's the first thing (after paint)  that makes your home feel warm, inviting and personal.
Purchase some fresh luxurious sheets.  If your budget doesn't allow you to do that,  just get the pillowcases for your head to rest on :)
Place off white candles in glass containers here, there and everywhere.  They add sparkle, a bit of romance and coziness to your home.
Play your favorite music in your home.  Play it while you cook or do laundry.  It always puts a skip in my step and I feel like I accomplish more!
Buy some fresh flowers and fill a vase for spring.  Places like Sams and Costco carry beautiful, colorful flowers for little money.
Add a fun, colorful lamp to your space or place one on your kitchen or bathroom counter.  Lamps adds ambiance to any space.
Add some old books to your bookshelves.  They add history, warmth and character.
Use your fine china and crystal.  If you don't have any, just purchase one china cup for your coffee or afternoon tea.  Or buy yourself a crystal wine glass for your special glass of wine.  Don't wait for special occasions to use them, every day is a special occasion in my book.
Decorate your home with fresh fruits and vegetables.  They look especially wonderful on cake stands!
Place them around your home to add color and eat them during the week.
Buy cheap glass jars from Big Lots or the Dollar store and fill them with wonderful beans, pasta's, etc.  I've found that the Indian market is the best place to find all kinds of wonderful colors and textures.
Make yourself an art gallery.  Maybe it's your kids art, maybe it's paintings you love.  Start with one and slowly collect them to make a wall of interest.
Purchase some new dishtowels! They add color and a crisp freshness to your kitchen!
Life is hard, it's ridiculous at times. Don't give up on your dreams.  You can make any place beautiful. It may be less than your ideal but it's better than nothing...... 
It takes dedication, time, passion and desire to start doing SOMETHING.
What are you going to do first? 
Fill your home with incredible SOUL and it will be a beginning to you feeling refreshed and renewed just you watch.   Start now and make your life beautiful!
All above photo's from Pinterest.  Visit my Pinterest Idea Boards to get you inspired.
Visit my website DecRenew Interiors to see my design portfolio with before and after photo's to inspire you.