Estate Sale Transformations

I love to estate sale! If I could, I would do it all day long.  It is so much fun to search for treasures and unique items.
I was at one this past weekend and found a couple paintings that were done by a lady that had just passed away.  However, her husband was there and told me that his wife LOVED to paint and had amazing talent.  She especially enjoyed painting houses like the one above. 
I was so excited to purchase both of the above paintings from him and promised I'd find a good home for them.
The floral painting was framed already but I am going to paint the frame to give it an updated look.  I know what color I'd like to paint it but wanted to get your thoughts?  Please comment below with your suggestions!
The Spanish house painting will get a new frame, something rustic like above.
My next project is to redo this beauty that I found at another estate sale.  I loved the curves and their spanish flair but want to change the color and upholstery (even though the existing upholstery is horse hair).
It has 2 side chairs to match!
Don't be afraid to Estate Sale, it is a great place to find incredible deals and gorgeous, unique pieces.  Just wait til you see the transformation of all these items :)  I'm so excited.
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