Flip That House

Today I met with a client and gave her a "walk thru" for a house she is going to purchase and flip. Clients love this service because it allows them to get a decorator's ideas. They can make wise decisions and spend their money the best way possible. She wrote notes furiously and then she will run with the plan, using me as she needs me. I gave her suggestions about flooring, knocking down walls to open up space, paint colors, lighting suggestions, counter top color suggestions, exterior paint, landscaping ideas, curb appeal ideas, concrete stain colors, deck stain colors, fence colors and much more.
Call me if you have a need like this. Sometimes it's for your own home remodel. You are just stuck and need someone to give you a boost to get you started. Hiring a decorator will be the best decision you make at the beginning of any project. I can give you a vision and a plan that helps you stay focused and enables you to make your home look amazing.
Remember I can also stage any home to sell. Doing a "walk thru" for ideas on how to improve your home to sell is also one of my specialties.
Happy Decorating and Happy Valentines Day to you all!