FOCUS on nature

During my Colorado trip I once again realized that just because I didn't have client's for two weeks didn't mean that my creative juices weren't flowing. Of course, now that I have a new camera, I had to capture all the beauty I saw on the hikes we took in the Rocky Mountains. I was always the last to return from the hike but LOVED every minute of my "stroll" as I took photo's. I've condensed the pictures down to my favorites.

I love to see, hear and smell the beauty of nature. Check out the way these home owner's used drift wood for their doors and entryways. For those of you that know me, you know that I love driftwood and anything that is "all natural." Don't be surprised if next time you visit me I have a new door handle.

I'd love to have these doors as the interior doors in my house!

I know it's not cool to destroy nature but this was irresistible.REFRESHING WATER

I credit the below picture to my 15 yr. old nephew Gunnar Staalsen

Nature hunt, you'll be surprised what you'll find to decorate with. I'm going to blow some of these pictures up and use them as wall art! Inexpensive to create original artwork for your home. It has a memory too - a quiet solitude walk in the brisk 50 degree weather of Colorado