Friday the 13th and 13 Best Outdoor Spaces

Since it's Friday the 13th, I thought it would be fun to post my 13 most favorite outdoor spaces
My husband and I have been enjoying our gazebo being that it's beautiful spring weather right now. 
Here are some of my favorite outdoor spaces.
No. 1

Love all the stone work in this courtyard.  The pops of color make it so alive too!  Red chairs are delightful.

No. 2
The ivy, the shutters, the balcony, the lights....all of it is perfect for entertaining elegant parties.  Again, the red chairs make it fun.
No. 3
Rustic and charming.

No. 4
Loads of greenery makes it feel tropical.  Grass in between the terra cotta tiles is a great touch.
No. 5
Brick patio, iron gate and fountain, ahhhh...
No. 6
This patio looks so cozy and inviting.  I could chat with friends forever.  The candlelight candelabra is the best part.
No. 7
A fireplace is always a good plan!  Perfect place to sit with a glass of wine.
No. 8
Loads of terra cotta pots and stone. I would want my whole house to surround this courtyard.

No. 9

So peaceful.
No. 10
Rustic, imperfect and comfy.
No. 11
Eclectic and romantic.
No. 12

Don't you wonder where this leads?  What is behind that door?

No. 13

An amazing outdoor oasis.
Happy weekend to you!  Enjoy your outdoor space.
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