Friends Deserting Us

We have some friends that our moving to Madrid Spain. We put on a farewell party for them and served desserts and coffee!

I made a floral arrangement and put their photo's in the vase. It really made the flowers personal. I gave the flowers to the guests of honor after the party was over.

I put all the plates, napkins and silverware in an old vintage suitcase. Decorated with other suitcases on the table as well - going with the whole travel theme. I put luggage tags on the suitcases and put sayings on the tags like "life's a trip, wish we were going with you", "we'll miss you", etc.

Used a new spanish style rug as my table cloth, of course the napkins coordinated perfectly!

Placed floral arrangement on top of a mirror and put mini cakes on the mirror. The cakes were all decorated in festive Spanish colors.

Each mini cake had Spanish sayings on them "Buen Viage", "Adios"

I had Spanish music playing and served Sangria - fun was had by all!