Garage Sale Finds

I set out to go "grocery shopping" yesterday and got distracted by all the garage sale signs.  I knew I had hours of shopping to do and didn't want to do it.   It's so much more fun when you think "maybe" I'll find something fun or unique.  I followed the sign and then.... oh no....a neighborhood garage sale.  I could feel my pulse rate change as I saw all the balloons on the mailboxes.  How was I going to fit this in my day? 
I had self discipline and only went to 6.  It helped that I found a few treasures.  I also bumped into a few friends so I was able to socialize too!
I found this unique wooden shovel.  Thought it would be great for my fall decor and it was $5.00.  While I was at the grocery store I bought a few white pumpkins.  Not sure how I'm going to use either of them yet but thought they looked amazing together.
Also found these medallions (.50 each) Great for a bookshelf.
This wonderful round wooden medallion was a perfect find for $3.00.  I had my husband hang it on my island immediately.  Thanks honey!  It adds some interest and character and is the first thing you see as you walk into the kitchen from the formal dining room.  I love small detail that makes a big impact.  After I painted the island, I knew that it needed something and knew I'd come across it someday. 

A while back I found this fabulous pillow at a garage sale with the price tag still on it $125.  It's also "down filled" and that's the only way I'll go with deocrative pillows.  I had it in on my guest room bed for a while and then decided it looked fabulous on this chair which was in my guest room.
I moved the chair downstairs so I could enjoy it more than my guests and placed the pillow on it.  I LOVE MY ENTRY EVEN MORE NOW.
The colors go so well with my textured
stairway wall.
Yeah I know, one small pillow from a garage sale and I move everything around.  I also just realized how beautifully the pillow goes with the medallion that I put on my island.  Bringing in elements that are consistent from room to room is great design.  I love it when it works out that way and I didn't even plan it.
I placed the ottoman under my desk in my office.
My desk is my old dining room table and I love it!
It's good to have a foot rest now.
Change things up a little, it costs pennies and you'll have fun.  Move items from room to room to give it a "new" look.  When new seasons come around  I love to change things up.  My husband doesn't mind if it doesn't cost him a fortune each time.
On another note....while I was at the grocery store I ordered myself a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.  I got distracted and started looking at the bread selections, coffee, bakery items, etc.  Filled my cart full of all the delicious spaghetti and appetizer items I planned on cooking for my 15 family members coming for dinner that night.  Loaded up my car as I was reminded of the awesome finds that I'd found that morning.  Started my car, pulled out and remembered....I didn't even pick up my latte!!
I may have forgotten about the latte I ordered but it shows that I love what I do, it's always on my mind.  It's in my blood and that's what makes life and my job so much fun!
Grab a latte and have a happy rest of the weekend!