Gift basket collection

I know it seems early, but I'm  thinking about Christmas already!  I'm putting together all kinds of baskets for auctions, donations for schools, fundraisers, teacher's gifts, doctor's gifts, friends, you name it!!  As I'm out and about, I'm looking for treasures and putting them in baskets that I think  go together.  Here's an example of a basket that I've been putting together over the past 3 weeks.
Found the 4 napkins first and they were my inspiration.  Then I found the English Crackers.  Go here to find out more about this English tradition.  Our family still has Christmas Crackers every Christmas and YES we all wear the paper hats at the table over dinner.
Peppermint soap was found next.
4 small dessert plates added.
I loved this white dove!  So delicate and peaceful.
Isn't she cute?
Finally this pillow cover.  I'll stuff it of course!

Today I found this dish towel (tea towel as I call it, my husband still mocks me).  Doesn't it finish it off?
Some of the above items are from  Crate and Barrel.   See the chocolates that I'd love to add to this basket.  Every gift needs some chocolate!  See Crate and Barrel chocolates.
I'll post others as I finish them off!
If you plan ahead, you won't pay as much.  I love the collected look of a basket that doesn't all come from the same place, don't you?  Feels personalized.

Here are a few other THEME BASKETS  I have up my sleeve:
Each basket will have a nice tag with the theme name!

COFFEE BREAK - chocolate covered spoons, good coffee, china mug
TASTE OF CHOCOLATE - you know what this involves
HORSDEAVORS FOR TWO- wine, cheese, crackers, crystal wine cork
MANLY MAN - pocket knife, sports magazine, nuts, root beer bottles
TEA TIME- china tea cup, Earl Grey teabags, gourmet cookies
CARDS & SUCH- note cards, shopping lists, fridge magnets, sticky notes
WELCOME HOME-  music CD, candle, room frag. spray, Starbucks singles.
ALL THINGS LUXURIOUS- hand towel, small fur pillow, crystal ornament
CAPTIVATE YOUR SENSES- bath smellies, bath towel w/monogram
CHEF'S DELIGHT- cookbook, hot pads, recipe cards, bottle of wine
ABSOLUTE SIMPLICITY- magazine, good book, Starbucks card
SHIMMER & SPARKLE- notepads, pens, ornaments, new scarf
SPICY MIX- candles, snacks, dipping sauces, apple cider
HOMEMADE FOR YOU- homemade goodies
PASSIONATE- chocolates and champagne
A STORY TO TELL- variety of books
MOVIE NIGHT- popcorn, full size candy bars, gummy bears, coke
WRAPPING FRENZY - wrapping papers, bows, tissue, tape, scissors
EAT YOUR HEART OUT - tons of good snacks
ON THE RUN - grab bag snacks

Got a few for this basket already!


E-mail me here and give me details and I can give you a quote.

Enjoy & Happy Weekend!