Guest Room

My guest room is finally finished. I've been so busy over the past few months with clients that I've waited on my house for last. Here are a few pictures of the finished room. Of course, I say "finished" but at my house NOTHING is ever finished. I love to change things around, move things into other rooms, etc. that's the fun part of design. My clients like to say that once I leave, they are done with that room but when you are a decorator, you are never done decorating your own's a joy to change it up all the time.

The pillows on the bed were tapestries that I found at a flea market and had made into pillows. I painted the painting above the bed and thought that the rings on top of the painting added some whimsy. I found this chair at a thrift store and loved its form. I had bits and pieces of fabric and had the chair recovered to work in the room. It has an ottoman too.

Rope covered candlesticks above the armoire didn't need candles because of their fun shape. The glass piece in the middle is a light fixture I found at a garage sale and it works perfectly with the colors in the duvet cover. I painted this armoire black (found it a Home Depot for $100) and sanded it down and rubbed it with a burnt umber glaze.

This floral tapestry was done by my husbands grandmother. My daughter Kaarin is named after her. The black matted photography is from a calendar I bought when I was in England visiting my family. My grandparents lived in a beautiful place called Cornwall where the cottages and ocean are stunning. They had a house right on the sea just like the picture. Growing up, I lived in a thatched house just like the top picture.

I always try to fill my rooms with beautiful things but things that have history and a story to tell. This makes it feel like YOUR home. Others will enjoy learning a bit about you from seeing the things you have and have collected over time.

I love the cheer and brightness of this room. Now all I need are some guests! Hmm...maybe not.... I think I'll check into the room myself, lock the door and curl up with the down comforter and read a few magazines. Who needs a hotel when you can do it at your own house.