Happy and colorful laundry rooms

With summer here and the kids home, my laundry room is in constant motion.  I just can't seem to catch up on the mounds of clothes that keep piling up!  I feel like I LIVE in there!
If we spend so much time in this room, it needs to be a HAPPY place don't you think?
(Container Store)
This room is very cheery!
(Case Design)
This one is genius!  A place to curl up and read.  On second thought, I'm not sure I want to be that dedicated to my laundry room!  Might feel too much like I'm at the laundry mat but I could send my teenagers there to get busy!
Splashes of color on the walls and floors add personality.
  A basket for everybody is a good idea.  I always feel like I can keep up with the washing, it's all the folding and putting away that takes up time and requires extreme organization.
I would love to have more counter top space and loads of storage.
Adding fabrics and rugs always makes a laundry room feel happier.  The map on the wall is an unexpected element and "loads" of fun.
Isn't this one awesome.  It's tucked away so no-one even knows it's there.  Perfect for small spaces or office space.  Sliding bookcases are always a great idea if space allows.
These stripes are cool and look at ALL this storage!
The room feels so crisp and clean.  Is that a real window or a painting?
Bursting with fun.
Adding color doesn't always have to be about the walls, it can be all about the floors.
Stripes make this room feel larger.
Wallpaper is a quick and colorful transformation.
Adding a chandelier makes it feel feminine and less industrial.
Isn't this wallpaper and chandelier combination beautiful?
You can never have enough hooks in a laundry room!
Would you like your laundry room right off your kitchen like this?  Does it work better in another part of the house?
Wow, lots of people in this family!  This would be heaven.  I would love to have a folding island like this one.
This family has their own laundry mat! 
Very cute touch to a small room!  Draperies hung high always make a room feel taller and add a softness!
A TV?  This mom must really have loads of laundry if she thinks she can watch TV?
Maybe you don't like lots of color and want a room that is calm after a long busy day!
If you could have the ultimate laundry room, where would it be in your house and what are some things you would have to have in that space?  Comment on your laundry tips!
My "have to" to be organized is a basket for everyone that can be carried upstairs, emptied and then brought back!
If the closets where right off the laundry room that would be my ultimate!!
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