Heart LOVE

This week is a the week where we see lots of pink, red and hearts. 
I loved this cute tissue paper heart!  Fun for kids to make and I would actually hang this up it's so adorable.  I'm not much of a heart girl.  Don't usually wear heart jewelry and don't usually decorate with pink and red either.  However, the below images made me think that I could maybe incorporate hearts into my home during the month of LOVE. 
Beautiful rustic heart with my favorite flowers. 
I'm crazy about this rustic driftwood heart! Aren't you?
A set of heart mercury glass vases I could LOVE.  Especially combined with the old chair that has such a great patina.
Canvas heart with faded writing is cool.
Heart necklace anyone?  I wouldn't wear this but I would maybe frame it!
I could live with this heart ivy trellis.
A burlap wreath is something that is easy to make and looks charming.
I made this little heart this weekend with my girls.  Michael's has some wonderful embellishments and a lot to choose from, I was surprised by their selections.
Hope your week is filled with love from all those that you love.
Hope you are treated with loads of love this Valentines Day! 
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