Hostess Gifts

(My centerpiece last year)
(The pink Protea's are the South African flower)

Many of us are going to friends and family for Thanksgiving.
We all know that it's nice to take some kind of hostess gift but what do you take?
Hostess thank you gifts don’t have to be expensive or big. You are just making a token thank you gesture for the time and effort made by the hostess to include you. The most important part is to be gracious and make sure the hostess feels appreciated.

 Here are a few ideas:

Wouldn't you LOVE to receive this mini pumpkin cheesecake as your gift? 

Or these wonderful sugar cookies?

These coasters would make someone happy too.  Very personal.

Above items all from Horchow

I'm absoloutely nuts about these doorknob bottle stopper's.

Perfect for those who have everything!
A beautiful snowflake ornament could be hung anywhere, no  matter what your style.  The above items found at Pottery Barn

I had a party a couple years ago and one of my dear friends gave me dish towels with my initials on them.  I've used them so much and felt so special to receive such a personalized gift.

Any dishtowel can be initialed.  Target has some beautiful ones that you can buy and have personalized as well.

Thought these coaster's were great for a guy (silver with leather is a great combination).  More of a masculine touch.  I'd love them too!  Pottery Barn has these.

Everyone loves flowers!  If you are going to take flowers to your hostess, make sure that you take them in a vase.  The hostess is usually really busy and doesn't have time to find a vase to put her flowers in once you arrive.  If they are all ready to go she will really appreciate that!
Another gift I recieved once (the best ever) was a basket with goodies for us for breakfast the next morning.  She filled the basket with breads, muffins, etc.  It was wonderful the next day because all I had to do was brew my coffee.
If you don't take a  hostess gift that's fine, it's not expected.  However, do write a thank you card.  Here is a great website for cards that you can send online with your handwriting for about a $1.00 a card.  Perfect for business thank you's too! 

Have fun finding a treasure for your hostess this year!