How to find treasures in a thrift store

I decided since everyone is cleaning out their homes at the beginning of this new year, it would be a good day to go thrift shopping for treasures.  I set out with my comfy shoes and lots of hand sanitizer and was on my way.
I always look for things that are unique and different.    When "thrifting" you have to look for things that you are immediately drawn to.  Look HIGH up on shelves and DOWN have to be willing to dig for things.  Lift items up and look underneath everything.
Questions to ask yourself:
Do I LOVE it?
 Is it good quality?
Is it broken, can it be fixed?
Can it be painted?
Is it worth the price?
Is it too trendy?
Will it go out of style quickly?
My philosophy is:  It doesn't necessarily have to have a place.  You'll find one once you purchase it, especially if you LOVE it.  If it is a classic, timeless piece that's what you want.
I found these 4 place mats and I'm going to hang them on the wall (I'll make some nice rope hangers) or use them above kitchen cabinets leaning against the wall.  A set of four is a beautiful collection.  The way the light shines through them is to be admired.  The bamboo frame is what makes them so unique too.  I had several people ask me if they could have these.  I guarded my cart with my life.  Another tip:  Guard your cart, people will take things out of them.

I would love to use these concrete plaques in a basket on a kitchen counter along with some other treasures.  They would be fun on top of a stack of cook books.  You could hang them on the wall too. 
Great lamp for a desk.
Isn't it fun that I found a lamp base and lamp shade to match at the same place?
I enjoy collecting boxes as long as they are clean and pretty.  I use them for gift cards, hostess gifts, birthday gifts, etc.  My philosophy is that the packaging is part of the gift!
Wouldn't this box be great filled with this tissue paper and tied with this ribbon.
I've purchased some really great boxes from thrift stores.  Hat boxes, international chocolate boxes, etc.
These candles will make any candlestick have some character.  Brand new
Crystal glasses to add to my set!  .50 cents each.
Beautiful silver goblets.  I'll use these on a glass tray or maybe a granite tray.  Perfect for decoration on a bookshelf or in a kitchen bar area.
Love the wood tray I picked up too!

These chandelier lampshades I found don't all match but are the same size.  I'm going to faux paint the lighter ones to match the darker ones.  Perfect to update any chandelier that needs hats.

This topiary needs some TLC but I'll take it out of this container and add it to my bigger one below.  It will make a bigger statement don't you think?  It also makes it grander because of the height the urn ads.

Perfect bag to put magazines in or this could be used above  kitchen or office cabinet to add texture.
Found the urn below.  I took all the hideous flowers that were in it out.  Always look for floral arrangements that are in great urns, pots, etc.  I usually take the flowers out at the thrift store and tell them they can resell them and take the container home. This one below was $1.00.
I would put something like the arrangement below in it. 
Found this wonderful china cup!!! Check end caps, these are often overlooked.   Remember one of my posts about my love for  china mugs. 
I found a new one for my collection for $1.00.  Go here to read the post.

This is what my car looks like after a day of looking for treasures.  Another few tips:
Go thrifting on Tuesday's, that's when they usually put out their new items they have received over the weekend. 
Walk through the thrift store several times.  You miss things the first "walk thru".  Most of the items above were found after walking through the second time.
Lots to unload but lots of fun!!
Hope these tips help you find your treasures.