I couldn't wait!

Remember my little treasure of a cabinet that I posted about last week?   Here is the link to the post.

BEFORE I painted it.
Well....I got inpatient (it looked so lonely sitting in my garage) and I didn't do exactly what I had anticipated doing when I blogged about it last week.  Chalk paint is always divine and saves you steps but I had some "chill out" time and decided to tackle this project.  For me, getting a paint brush in my hand, knowing there will be a fun result, makes me relax and rejuvenates me.  I know it seems nuts but I LOVE putting my paint clothes on and getting paint under my nails.  Some good rockin' music helps too!
I decided to "use what I had" as far as paint is concerned and just went for it!
I used an off white paint, let it dry and then used a rough sandpaper to distress it!
I painted the wallpaper that was already on the back of the cabinet a nice warm chocolate color!
I usually don't like flowers but I thought these looked nice once they were painted.
I found a perfect little home for it and the end of the hallway by my bedroom!  Of course, I had to find a spot for what was there and that caused me to change a bunch of things in my living room.  Good grief, I love change but wasn't ready for one thing to lead into another :) 
This glass top table use to be in the hallway where my "new" piece is now.  I think it looks great in it's new home, next to my favorite chair!
Made sense to put these little guys in this wooden tray on top of the glass top table.  Like?
 My husband came home and it looked like a tornado had been through our house but I did get it in order eventually.
I loaded it with some unique accessories and now I'm a happy girl!  The best part is that it didn't cost me much and I was happy to get some "chill out" time.
Hope you have a fun long weekend!  Do a project and send me pictures!
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