Color Changes Everything

Today I met with a new couple. He had an injury this summer and is home for a few months. The good thing is that he can paint and do some projects. So...they called me so they could get a plan together for their home, making good use of his time off. We walked from room to room and I gave advice on flooring suggestions, furniture arrangement, paint colors for all the walls as well as other tips and suggestions for draperies & window treatments.

What I love about these walk-thru consultations is seeing the client's face start to light up as we walk from room to room. You can see the excitement start to build as they get inspired about each space. I left my client today with pages of notes that they can refer to. The husband left the same time I did to go to the paint store. Now that's motivation and I LOVE IT!

It's very rewarding to meet such fun people and once again I'm reminded of what a rewarding job I have! They promised they would send their before and after pictures so I'll post them as soon as I get them.