Inspirational Entry

I usually gravitate towards warm colors on the wall and warm furniture pieces. For those of you that know me, I'm not afraid of color.   However, for some reason this very simple entry vignette I just fell in love with.  I wish I knew who to credit but I tore this out of a magazine several years ago. 

If someone can help me, please comment.
What makes this entry so attractive is the combination of textures.  This collection of items would be perfect for someone who has a small entry but wants to make a statement.  The light walls with a similar color mirror makes the entry seem bigger.  The mirror texture gives ALL the interest and says "wow" when you enter.  Don't you just love the unexpected color of this table too.  The casual feel about it makes this room less pretentious and takes away from the formality of the space.  The wall sconces are to die for and I'm sure they look spectacular at night.  Can you just imagine the glow against those beautiful pure white walls.  Even the candles in the lanterns are so simple here but say gorgeous.  The big white armchair is perfect because it allows the table to shine!  It doesn't even need a pillow.  The antique leather side chair adds a masculine touch and completes the whole vignette, especially since the mirror has these warm tones in it.   Without the leather chair, this vignette wouldn't be so stunning.  Placing an interest piece of furniture underneath this entry table speaks volumes about the person that lives in this house.  They probably travel and have collected some of these items over time.  I love the balance that it gives with the sconces above, very pleasing to your eye. 
Just thought I'd share something beautiful with you today. 
Happy Weekend!  I'm hosting a fall brunch at my house with friends and family and will tell you all about it next week!