Concrete Treasure

I've had this Concrete stone cast iron decorative finial for a while now. Discovered it a while back on one of my treasure hunting days. From the moment I saw it I thought it would really be nice painted to look like concrete rather than this kinda dreary brown color. I found this picture of a mirror and thought it could be my inspiration for the color I was going for. I've discovered that painting is my therapy. I keep projects like this around so when I feel the need to paint, I can do so. I dug this treasure out of my storage unit, dusted it off and got busy. I always find myself in a good mood when I do projects like this. I put my ipod on and it was such good medicine.

Here's the end result. This items is for sale - $100 if anyone is interested. It's approximately 25" tall and would look great in any kitchen. Contact me at 817-706-8000 for more information.