Kitchen Remodel Glimpses and a Time to Serve

This week we are wrapping up a kitchen remodel.  It's been an incredible process and I've enjoyed working with such amazing clients.
We installed the hardware today on the cabinets in their desk area. I couldn't find what I was really looking for so I created these little lovelies above. I love creating something from scratch and making it a "Ruthie Original". 
I can't wait to show you the after when we are totally complete.  Here's a few tiny glimpses.
The cabinets!
The lighting!
The kitchen chairs are being reupholstered in this beautiful fabric above!  I found these adorable knobs for my client and she instantly fell in love with them.  Her daughter's did too!
The back splash got installed yesterday...wait til you see the finished product!  I'm so in love!
Draperies are being made in the workroom as we speak and we are so close to being done!
I just have to say that it's such a blessing to work with such an incredible crew!  God has really blessed me with talented and reliable people that work along side me and make my work look incredible. 
We are a TEAM and I couldn't do it without them!
They have worked especially hard this past week meeting deadlines because I'm taking a week off next week.   I'm off to serve at a WOI (Woman of Influence) conference.
Hospitality Team Last Year!  We had such fun and worked our tails off too!
 I'm going to be on the hospitality team, similar to what I did last year in Spain.  See my blog post from last year here.
 I love to serve and it will be fun to bless these woman!  They serve all over the world and need some encouragement and a break from the stresses of missionary life.  It fills my tank up too!
We are in the middle of a giant kitchen remodel as seen above. I can't wait to show you more pictures as this project unfolds when I get back from my trip.
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