The life of a skeleton

I have a very creative friend, Carolyn Ann!!! She is not only incredibly creative she is an incredible cook too. She is always full of ideas and adds so much spice to the lives of everyone she knows.
She and her girls have had such fun this Halloween season with their skeleton friend in their front yard. Every week this October, they have redressed their skeleton named "Big Bertha" and posted a picture and caption on Facebook.
Big Bertha No.1
"Big Bertha is ready for the game, got her nachos and popcorn ready"
Big Bertha No. 2
"Is it really October?  Feels like May!  Where's Autumn?" 
The "call me" part had me laughing so hard!!
Big Bertha No. 3
"Come on, Rangers! Resurrect the game that got you to the World Series! We didn't literally mean that we had "died and gone to Heaven" over this...Big Bertha may have, but we're still here!"
Big Bertha No. 4
and today.....she posted this...
"Big Bertha, the Church Lady, sings today! Hallelujah! Amen Brothers and Sisters!"
I love it Carolyn Ann!  You have such a fun sense of humor and I'm sure your girls have enjoyed this creative energy!  I'm sure you have been the talk of the whole neighborhood!

Happy Halloween Everyone!